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Ricki Lake-produced film Weed the People argues for marijuana use as a cancer treatment

3/10/18--As marijuana use continues to become decriminalized across the United States, doctors, researchers and patients are pushing to make it an accepted part of cancer treatments. The new film Weed the People, executive-produced by Ricki Lake, follows families as they discover the benefits of marijuana for their child’s cancer and chemotherapy. Read

Eric Bolling’s 19-year-old son had cocaine, marijuana and opioid drugs in system when he died

10/26/17--Six weeks after former Fox News host Eric Bolling‘s only child, 19-year-old Eric Chase Bolling, was found dead on Sept. 9, his cause of death has been revealed. The Boulder County Coroner’s report lists the cause of death as “mixed drug intoxication” that included marijuana, cocaine, and opioids, and it has been ruled as an accident. Read