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Augusta council divided on marijuana moratorium

11/30/17--City councilors had a sharply divided reaction to a proposal to enact a local six-month moratorium banning the sale of recreational marijuana, with some councilors saying the city and the state already have had more than a year to come up with regulations but failed to do so. Other councilors, however, said the city didn’t enact local rules because officials expected the Legislature to come up with statewide regulations and they didn’t want to waste city staff time coming up with local regulations if they weren’t needed. Read

Maine health officials implement new rules for medical marijuana

11/9/17--Maine is cracking down on the distribution of medical marijuana by allowing surprise inspections and implementing a new patient tracking system. The state Department of Health and Human Services issued new rules that tighten Maine’s medical marijuana market. The Portland Press Herald reports the rules will take effect on Feb. 1. Read

In Maine elections, big spenders weren’t always big winners

11/20/16--Campaigns across Maine spent more than $40 million during the 2016 election, ampoule shattering previous records but also proving that big spending doesn’t guarantee wins at the ballot box. The 2016 elections raised the ceiling for political spending in Maine as national organizations poured tens of millions of dollars into candidates and ballot issues. Read

Donations from out-of-state groups driving marijuana campaign

11/5/16---Campaigns on both sides of the issue are funded primarily by groups not based within Maine, campaign finance reports show. The campaign to legalize marijuana in Maine has been funded largely by New Approach and donors with similar philosophies on drug policy reform, while opponents have depended primarily on individuals and a single nonprofit organization for donations. Read

Leads shrink for 4 of the 6 Maine ballot issues, poll indicates

10/30/16--Mainers polled this month indicate they will approve all six referendum questions on the Nov. 8 ballot, medicine but the approval margins on three of the more hotly contested issues – including marijuana – has narrowed since a similar Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram poll was conducted in September. If the actual vote reflects the poll results, no rx Mainers will legalize recreational use of marijuana. Read

Maine towns seek to delay marijuana clubs, stores ahead of Question 1 vote

10/24/16--Maine cities and towns are moving to enact moratoriums on marijuana social clubs and retail stores in anticipation of the passage of referendum Question 1 on the ballot in November. Although other states have legalized marijuana, Maine could become the first state to establish clubs where people can consume recreational marijuana in a social setting. Read

Effort to legalize marijuana is full of smoke and mirrors

10/17/16--District attorney of Cumberland County Stephanie Anderson is urging voters to vote “no” on Question 1 because a “yes” vote will enact L.D. 1701, 30 pages of legislation that does not treat marijuana like alcohol. Anderson states, "It creates a profit-driven industry that will aggressively market product, increase consumers, and continuously push more potent (and, therefore, more addictive) products, while insisting they are not harmful." Read