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Investigating THC syrup: Cannabis with the consistency of cough medicine

9/24/20--THC syrup, essentially weed in liquid form, has the same thickness and consistency as cough syrup. It's typically made by mixing cannabis concentrate with vegetable glycerine or coconut oil and sugar. The logic is that by putting high levels of THC, the psychoactive chemical in cannabis, into liquid form you will get a faster and longer-lasting high than a conventional edible, partly due to the speed in which it is absorbed into your bloodstream. Read

Cresco Labs launched Good News Cannabis Brand

9/9/20--Cresco Labs, one of the largest vertically integrated multistate cannabis operators in the United States, announced the launch of its newest cannabis brand to its growing portfolio of national cannabis brands, Good News. Read

Increasing popularity of 7/10 exemplifies rise in cannabis concentrates

7/10/20--July 10, also known as 710 or Oil Day, is the cannabis industry’s second annual “holiday.” Although not as popular or as well celebrated as 4/20, July 10 has picked up steam in recent years due to the rising popularity of concentrated cannabis products. Read

OMMA Slushy-Machine Guidance

7/2/20--The OMMA has received multiple inquiries regarding the processing and dispensing of marijuana-infused slushies on-site at medical marijuana dispensaries. It is the OMMA’s position that marijuana-infused slushies are unlikely to meet requirements set forth in Oklahoma statutes and rules. Additionally, slushies are considered food products and must be compliant with the Oklahoma State Department of Health food regulations. Read

WeedMD launches cannabis 2.0 product line of medical vaporizers

6/22/20--WeedMD announced the launch of its line of strain-specific medicinal vaporizer pens (vapes). The ‘Aurum’ vapes are available to Starseed patients across Canada as part of the Company’s expanding medical cannabis product portfolio as an insured benefit. WeedMD’s medical vaporization product line will be available to medical patients in the coming weeks and will expand into the adult-use market under its Color Cannabis brand in Q3, 2020. Read

Cans suck the THC buzz out of pot drinks. Where does that leave Canopy Growth?

2/13/20--Scientists have determined that liners inside aluminum cans can cause cannabis drinks to lose their potency. By the time a pot drink is put in a can, shipped, stored in a warehouse, displayed in a store, and consumed, the THC buzz may have diminished or disappeared. Canopy Growth has been the most active in the drinks category among Canadian licensed producers with the vast majority packaged in cans. Read

With alcohol consumption down among millennials, big businesses see opportunities for THC-infused beverages

1/14/20--Cannabis-infused beverages are a relatively small slice of the $11.3 billion in U.S. cannabis sales in 2018. Fortune Business Insights estimated global sales of cannabis-infused beverages totaled $174 million in 2018. The continuing federal prohibition of cannabis has kept risk-averse global brands from investing in the U.S. market. However, brewers that have already developed zero-alcohol alternatives to their traditional offerings are now preparing cannabis-infused versions of those products. Read

Mother’s Day gets lit with pot gift baskets

5/10/19--Several licensed marijuana provisioning centers in Metro Detroit are looking to offer Mother's Day gift baskets packed with fruit-flavored marijuana flower, chocolate edibles, and CBD-infused bath bombs, moisturizers and scrubs. Although only medical marijuana cardholders can purchase the baskets, recreational legalization opens the way for patients to gift them to their loved ones. Read

How much is too much weed? New vaporizers take out the guesswork

2/1/19--GoFire Inc., a Colorado startup, says it’s solved one of the emerging problems in the legal marijuana industry: how to get the dose exactly right. The company has developed a high-end vaporizer, backed by patents, that doles out a precise amount of marijuana oil — 2.5 milligrams — that is heated, turned into vapor, and inhaled. Read

What is marijuana kief and what can you do with it?

10/6/18--In short, marijuana kief is when tiny bulbs are separated from the plant's buds. Kief has been sold at dispensaries in Oregon on a more regular basis as the industry has continued to evolve, and it is also a key ingredient in tarantula joints, which involves kief being stuck to the outside of a joint with a marijuana concentrate serving as a bonding agent to keep the kief in place. Kief costs more than the flower, and it is extremely potent. Read

New partners in weed startup: Jimmy Buffett and Wrigley Scion

9/11/18--Singer Jimmy Buffett and billionaire William “Beau” Wrigley Jr. are getting behind a U.S. marijuana startup, joining other companies betting on the increasingly crowded marijuana industry. Mr. Buffett will license his Coral Reefer brand to Surterra Holdings Inc. for a line of cannabis products including vape pens, gel caps, edibles, and lotions. Read

Marijuana-infused, non-alcoholic beer hits the shelves in Las Vegas

9/1/18--Cannabinier has created a new product that is now on the shelves at one marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, and soon to be found in many more. It’s called “Two Roots,” and it’s a marijuana-infused, alcohol-free beer. Kevin Love, director of product development at Cannabinier, thinks this product will be a big step forward for the industry and will help continue to drive sales in Las Vegas. Read

App helps legal cannabis market find goods, real estate, customers

8/7/18--Nugl is a metadata search engine and online directory for the legal marijuana industry, with a database that, according to its own business descriptions can “display listings for dispensaries, strains, doctors, lawyers, service professionals, vape shops, hydro stores and brands.” The expanded Nugl platform, announced today to cover all of North America, offers profiles of cannabis companies and professional services related to the business, an organized marketing website for B-to-B (business-to-business) applications, and related consumer uses. Read

Another major beer company is now part of the marijuana craze

8/12/18--Heineken is another major beer company angling for its piece of the cannabis-infused beverage pie. With cannabis flourishing in the U.S., even as the federal government holds firm on its Schedule I classification, Heineken sees an opportunity. Roughly two weeks ago, on July 30, Heineken launched a cannabis-only beverage in a handful of dispensaries in California through its wholly owned Lagunitas craft-brewing brand. Designed to taste like beer, but containing no alcohol, Heineken hopes that its Hi-Fi Hops beverage catches on quickly with consumers. Read

I replaced my entire beauty routine with only CBD products

8/14/18--Glamour magazine writer Lindsey Unterberger engaged in a weeklong CBD experiment to replace all of her beauty products with their marijuana counterparts. For the sake of experimentation, she vowed to use only beauty products made with either CBD or hemp. Unterberger reported that switching to all CBD beauty products didn't drastically change her life or her skin, but she did rethink those largely off-base stereotypes she made about them, and she can safely say she now gets the buzz around CBD beauty. Read

Hemp company launches first cannabis line aimed at minorities

2/27/18--The Hemp Excellence is making the cannabis industry’s first play for consumers of color with a line of beauty products aimed at ethnic minorities. The company's line of body lotions, lip balms, and CBD capsules went on sale this month at two beauty shops that cater to women of color in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The maker of the line, Founder’s Hemp of Asheboro, North Carolina, is in talks to expand Hemp Excellence distribution to South Africa, Ghana, Bolivia and other countries. Read

The best marijuana gadgets for the tech-y stoner in your life

2/25/18--Silicon Valley is no stranger to cannabis culture, so it's no surprise that tech companies are driving innovation in the pot world with some seriously impressive products. From edibles to vapes, cultivation boxes to dab rigs, there are seemingly endless ways to consume cannabis in the growing number of states that have passed legislature legalizing marijuana. Read

Why is it so hard to dose weed

2/26/18--It's difficult to quantify just how much marijuana is being inhaled —especially because marijuana contains some 500 chemicals that interact in ways scientists are just beginning to understand. Science has more to learn about how marijuana works on the human body, and companies making cannabis devices are figuring out ways to tackle the dosing problem. Read

As states legalize marijuana, investors see an opportunity

1/26/18--Twenty-nine states now allow marijuana for medical purposes, while eight have legalized its recreational use. As the acceptance of marijuana is growing, so are the opportunities to invest in it. Investors put $500 million into private cannabis companies last year, said Troy Dayton, the chief executive and a co-founder of Arcview, which also has an investment arm. Read

The top 10 cannabis lifestyle trends of 2017

12/28/17--This article presents the monumental strides and 10 key cannabis lifestyle trends that defined the past year. Read

Colorado should allow marijuana tasting rooms

3/16/18--House Bill 1258 is a fairly conservative approach to the issue of permitting marijuana tasting rooms. It would allow businesses that currently hold licenses to sell retail or medical marijuana to also open an accessory establishment that can sell marijuana products for consumption at the establishment. Smoking will still be prohibited in these “tasting rooms" since lighting up would violate Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act. But patrons could buy their cannabis product on site and either eat the edible or use a vaporizer. HB 1258 is scheduled to be considered Monday in the House Finance Committee. Read

Marijuana advent calendar sales soar despite health warnings

11/26/17--Lorilee Fedler of Coast to Coast Medicinals has been overwhelmed by the response since launching marijuana-filled advent calendars packed with only marijuana flowers, only edibles, such as weed-infused gingerbread men and snowflake cookies. The company, which is unlicensed, has sold 150 calendars, with 300 more orders ready for processing on top of a waiting list of about 1,500 people. Read

‘Juuling’: The most widespread phenomenon you’ve never heard of

11/16/17--Juuling, a discreet form of vamping, is a widespread phenomenon. In some high schools, the “Juuling in the bathroom” problem has gotten so intense that administrators are sending home e-mails warning parents about the dangers of e-cigarettes in general — and, in particular, about a brand called Juul, which makes sleek devices that are easily concealed and often mistaken for thumb drives. Read

Here are a few marijuana tech gadgets for your home and kitchen

10/23/17--According to a poll conducted by LendEDU, cannabis consumers spend an average of more than $110 per month on marijuana, and they buy more than six pot-related products each month. Digital Trends reveals some of the marijuana gadgets typically seen in a kitchen that cannabis users creatively use. Read

Meet Canada’s only certified kosher cannabis producer

10/13/17--Hydropothecary Corporation, Quebec’s only licensed cannabis producer and Canada’s first licensed producer to offer kosher-certified cannabis, announced that it had been granted kosher certification by the Ottawa Vaad HaKashrut, a not-for-profit group that confirms products conform with Jewish dietary law. The certification – which covers the company’s Decarb, Elixir and H2 products – requires several steps, including an audit of cleaning protocols, a kosher compliance review and on-site inspections throughout the year. Read

Cannabis-infused lotion is revolutionizing massage therapy

10/6/17--Stephanie Agakian introduced the CBD-infused massage at her studio in Broomfield, Colorado, Bodhi Body Studios, about a year ago. Now, she estimates that clients opt for the CBD treatment over regular lotions “about 90 percent of the time.” She noticed that the clients treated with CBD lotion seemed to experience more relaxation and greater pain relief than those treated with regular massage oils. Read

The sticks of these organic lollipops grow marijuana plants

9/11/17--Half-Lit, an edibles company, has created an herbal lollipop that can also grow weed. It’s a variety of organic lollipops that, when their sticks are planted and watered, can grow actual marijuana. The sticks contain cannabis seeds, which will sprout marijuana if tended to regularly. Read

Lagunitas rolls out a cannabis beer

8/24/17--Two California businesses, Lagunitas Brewing Co. and SuperCritical Ale, have teamed up for new product releases in two of the North Coast’s top industries: beer and cannabis. The collaboration is the latest example of businesses outside the cannabis sector exploring ways to take advantage of interest in marijuana, which becomes legal for recreational use Jan. 1. Read

You can now get high just drinking water

8/9/17--PEARL2O, a brand-new product in Washington's legal market, is a mineral water that doesn't smell or taste like pot in any way, but it will still get you high. The water can be frozen into ice cubes, it can be blended into a smoothie, and it can even be boiled while retaining the active THC and CBD. According to Shanel Lindsay, a cannabis entrepreneur and lawyer who has more than a decade of industrial experience with pot edibles, says PEARL2O was probably made with a machine that uses ultrasound waves to combine a distilled cannabis concentrate with water. Read

‘Start low and go slow’ – 3 steps to safely consume marijuana edibles

8/9/17--In the interest of consuming marijuana edibles safely, writers from The Sacramento Bee talked to experts and compiled three tips for anyone who wants to try edibles for the first time. Read

Boston startup dives into marijuana industry with high-tech sensor to weed out impurities

7/16/17--The Boston startup 908 Devices has unveiled a new sensor intended to give it a foothold in a less conventional but fast-growing industry of commercial marijuana. The sensor, dubbed the G908, is a countertop “push-button” mass spectrometer designed to identify cannabis compounds. Its designers say the device approaches the accuracy of traditional “gold standard” lab equipment but is far smaller, faster, cheaper, and easier to use. Read

Yes, cannabis cigarettes are being sold legally at this supermarket chain

7/14/17--Coop, one of Switzerland’s largest supermarket chains, will launch a new cigarette containing hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) in 700 stores nationwide. But some branches, like the one in Eaux-Vives, are already selling it. Coop is selling these cigarettes “because there is big demand for hemp products,” the company spokeswoman Angela Wimmer said. The chain already carries other cannabis products like ice tea, beer, and sandwich spread. Read

INDVR Lipstick and Mascara vape pens designed with discretion, not feminism, in mind

7/10/17--Cannabis is realizing a feminist revolution that is gendering previously non-gendered objects such as the vaporizer, and new Lipstick and Mascara vapes from Colorado-based INDVR are byproducts of this revolution. According to INDVR vice president PJ Rinker, the company saw a huge women-specific market going untouched, and he further explained that the Lipstick and Mascara are aimed at the woman “who doesn’t necessarily want to proclaim that she’s a stoner but wants to have that ability to use the product any place, any time, without being ridiculed or thought of as anything less.” Read

Creator of Toker Poker accessory alarmed by drug bust’s matching code name

6/29/17--Matt and Leslie Bodenchuk, the Colorado entrepreneurs behind the all-in-one smoker’s accessory, Toker Poker, are wondering about the long-term impact on their business as a result of the largest illegal marijuana trafficking ring being referenced by investigators under the same name. The drug trafficking organization was nicknamed ‘Operation Toker Poker’ because the defendants are alleged to have been trafficking marijuana, and many of them used to play poker together in high school.” Read

This medical marijuana start-up uses artificial intelligence to find which strain is best for you

6/26/17--Potbot uses artificial intelligence to "read" through peer-reviewed medical journals to find studies on cannabinoids, the active compounds in marijuana. Using the research, it pairs 37 symptoms like insomnia, asthma, and cancer with branded marijuana strains to find which type of weed is best suited to treat each one. Read

Ex-Jet DE Washington, state Senator work to destigmatize cannabis

6/18/17--New York State Senator Diane Savino and former Jets defensive end Marvin Washington are leading voices in the growing cannabis movement. Savino and Washington are on a parallel crusade to destigmatize pot, educate the public about the medical benefits of cannabis, and raise awareness about the opioid crisis plaguing cities and towns across the country. Read

Do marijuana suppositories relieve severe menstrual cramps?

5/31/17--Usually, doctors prescribe muscle relaxants, birth control, and other medications to treat the aches, headaches, and nausea that can come along with a monthly menstrual cycle. Yet, some women claim they aren't finding relief using traditional treatments. Several companies have taken notice and are making products designed with marijuana to specifically treat menstrual cramps. According to Dr. Harold Laski, who is one of 27 doctors in Duval County certified to recommend marijuana to patients, THC suppositories help to relieve pain. Read

‘Tinder for tokers:’ app connects cannabis lovers

5/12/17--D.C. area native Darren Roberts created High There! which is proximity-based, and designed as a dating app to connect marijuana consumers. New users can connect through a Facebook profile or use another name if they want to be more discreet. They then upload photos after indicating their pot preferences and other interests. Two years since High There! launched, Roberts said the app is now approaching 500,000 users on both iPhone and Android devices. Read

Tigard doctors educating medical cannabis users through chatbot

5/12/17--ABBI is a new cannabis chatbot developed by digital marketing professional Rick Bakas as an extension of his California-based website WeedHorn—a media and education resource for medical cannabis users. Bakas designed ABBI so that patients can determine their medical condition rather than guessing what it may be. It can be accessed through Facebook Messenger to connect with its 1.3 billion daily users. Read

Coming soon: vending machines that scan your fingerprints and sell you pot

5/12/17--American Green, a Phoenix-based cannabis technology firm, recently developed a vending machine prototype that will check a customer's ID using biometric verification, and sell pot or other age-restricted items to anyone legally allowed to buy. The option is being presented as ideal for consumers hoping to get their hands on marijuana while avoiding face-to-face contact with a seller, or perhaps someone they know. Read

Marijuana convention highlights new products in world of weed

4/23/17--The New England Cannabis Convention showcases the budding industry’s latest innovations, including state-of-the-art fertilizers, indoor grow set-ups, and the latest extraction methods. The event is the first since Massachusetts legalized marijuana for recreational use in November, and it comes a little more than a year before state legislators expect the first retail shops will be able to open their doors to customers. Read

The Hermès of marijuana

3/17/17--Beboe, an upscale line of cannabis vaporizers and edible pastilles, founded by former fashion executive Clement Kwan and Scott Campbell, a celebrity tattoo artist and fine artist, caters to design-savvy professionals who value premium goods manufactured with an artisanal sensibility. Beboe, which is starting to be embraced by the Hollywood A-list as the Hermès of marijuana, was unveiled at a lavish dinner party in West Hollywood attended by several celebrities. Read 

Medical marijuana seller develops pot strain designed to give ladies a better chance of orgasm

3/3/17--Karyn Wagner, founder of California-based Paradigm Cannabis Group, has developed a strain of dope for couples seeking a higher love. It is derived from a strain of cannabis with low levels of THC so users can get into a “sensual” mood without being too high to actually do the deed. Read

This dope marijuana bouquet is what romance is all about

2/16/17--Lowell Herb Co. is now considering offering the company's cannabis bouquet outside of just the holiday due to popularity. The fire gifts, which sold for $400 each, were initially a Valentine’s Day promotion. Read

Oregon bans marijuana-infused alcohol

2/16/17--The Oregon Liquor Control Commission issued a ban on marijuana-infused alcohol. The active ingredients in marijuana, THC and CBD, have been designated by the Drug Enforcement Agency as Schedule I drugs, and OLCC Director Steve Marks says the OLCC is following the lead of the DEA by setting this prohibition on marijuana-infused alcohol. Read

Montel Williams debuting own brand of medical marijuana

2/9/17--Montel Williams is one of the highest profile advocates for medical cannabis in the country, and now he's planning to debut his own brand of medical marijuana as he's given an award from the group Women Abuv Ground for his work on the issue. Read

CEO of the ‘Uber for weed’ says these mints are the next big thing in marijuana

2/3/17--According to Jim Patterson, CEO of marijuana delivery service Eaze, people who don't smoke weed will definitely eat the cannabis-infused mint Breez, which was introduced by Eaze two months ago. Derived from the marijuana plant, sugar, and peppermint oil, Breez has seen positive user feedback.  Read

Hollywood’s smoking hot trend: weed for health

1/16/17--Cannabis is at the forefront of a growing health movement in Los Angeles. Studies suggest CBD, a cannabidiol from hemp that's low in psychoactive THC, and reduces inflammation and the effects of PTSD, is now included in various products ranging from calming oral sprays and powders to raw dark-chocolate morsels. Read

Marijuana brands can trademark almost anything, except marijuana

1/16/17--Though cannabis is legal for recreational or medicinal use in 28 states, it remains illegal under federal law. As a result, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will not register trademarks for marijuana retailers or for products that contain cannabis. One popular strategy for cannabis companies that can’t trademark their core products is to seek protection for a host of ancillary products and services. Read

Weed dog treats booming business across America

12/27/16--Several Cannabidiol-for-dogs businesses have popped up in the last two years, a time period during which Cannabidiol pet product sales nationwide doubled, according to data kept by cannabis industry analytics firm MJ Freeway. It’s the newest trend in America’s booming half-billion dollar animal supplements market, which is expected to grow by more than $150 million in the next four years. Read

Marijuana pants for kids stoke outrage

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-10-51-45-am12/13/16--Amazon is selling a line of leggings for girls as young as 2 featuring green marijuana leaves. The leafy leggings, sold by AOSHILONG-Baby, have sparked controversy with parents and anti-drug advocates, but the company eschews any cannabis reference and calls the pattern simply “digital printed leaves.” Read

Growing marijuana could become as easy as plugging in a machine

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-10-01-19-am12/7/16--The gadget market is responding to the public's interest in growing their own marijuana. The Grobo, for instance, aims at making marijuana gardening easy and accessible. Now another company is launching a similar device called the Leaf that resembles a refrigerator and is meant to completely take care of the growing process once seeds are planted. Generally, Leaf tries to make growing marijuana as easy as possible. Read

Healthy Hemp, LLC announces distribution of new CBD CLINIC topical pain relief product

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-10-57-04-am10/14/16--Healthy Hemp, LLC, a recognized online store offering various hemp products that deliver the necessary nutrients for proper body functioning, announced the distribution of the new CBD CLINIC topical pain relief product only available to doctors, FDA-registered, and made in an FDA-audited facility. Read

Possible recreational cannabis industry entry easier with new simulator

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-11-47-23-pm10/6/16--Prospective recreational cannabis licensees in California now have access to an Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) Application Simulator, which was created by The Green Rush Advisory Group. Green Rush Advisory Group has made it much easier for anyone who would like to enter into California’s possible recreational cannabis industry with their AUMA Application Simulator, which mimics the AUMA application process and its various regulatory requirements. Read

Review: SneakGuard keeps cannabis away from kids

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-9-55-47-pm9/20/16--SneakGuard is a new product designed for keeping cannabis products (or pharmaceuticals) locked away and secure from children. Cannabis reviewer Ry Prichard is satisfied that the SneakGuard is in fact childproof, but may be more useful for cannabis users than a safe can ever be. Read

Get ready for the age of marijuana tourism

fb-square-english-spanish9/13/16--One of the most well-known travel writers in the world, Arthur Frommer, predicted recently that cannabis tourism is going to become big business after the November election, when up to five more states could legalize recreational use. Read

A new way to take medical marijuana?

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-12-42-59-pm9/12/16--Patients who use medicinal marijuana in New Jersey will soon have a new way to take it. Later this month Compassionate Sciences in Bellmawr, one of five certified medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey, will begin offering cannabis-enhanced creams and lozenges. Read

Malibu marijuana farmers market proves that weed is the new wine

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-11-47-05-am9/1/16--At the inaugural Emerald Exchange farmers market, a group of Mendocino farmers descended upon Malibu’s bluffs to prove that cannabis consumption is no longer about dirty bongs and debilitating highs. Read

Bob Marley’s kids launch a new cannabis ‘lifestyle brand’ in Oregon

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.55.15 AM8/29/16--On Wednesday, Marley Natural--the "official Bob Marley cannabis brand"--unveiled its cannabis-based lifestyle products at Nectar in Portland. The company is actually owned by Bob Marley's children who run his estate, and only part of what Marley Natural does involves selling flower. The majority of their products don't contain any THC at all. Read

Menstrual marijuana: Whoopi Goldberg eyeing Canada

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.04.26 AM8/23/16--Whoopi Goldberg is eyeing Canada as a potential market for her line of cannabis-infused menstrual pain products. Goldberg's product line, which includes a THC tincture, a topical body rub, medicated bath salts and cannabis-infused cacao, is available only to medical marijuana patients in California. Read