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Why the legal cannabis industry loves the Ford Transit van

2/27/19--In order to transport both marijuana and cash, a nondescript-looking Ford Transit cargo van has emerged in US states (and Washington, DC) where marijuana is legalized. Though not as rugged as the armored cars banks use, the Transits used by marijuana businesses undergo all kinds of security upgrades that get them close enough. Read

This country is tapping into the lucrative marijuana industry that could make Africa rich

9/18/17--Lesotho has become the first African country to grant a license for medicinal marijuana. The country’s decision to view marijuana as a source of national revenue rather than petty crime marks a shift in a region where marijuana is widely used and regularly exported across borders. The first of its kind, it’s unclear how many ordinary people could benefit from the legally manufacturing project, but it could become a model for the rest of the continent to tap into the lucrative global marijuana industry. Read

Legal marijuana is not staying where it’s supposed to in the US

9/7/17--According to a recently released paper from economists at the University of Oregon, huge amounts of legally purchased marijuana spill over from Washington into other states. They estimate that about 7.5% of the marijuana sold in Washington leaves the state. The finding has important implications for legalization across the US, as it’s a blow to the argument that legalized marijuana can be contained within a state. Read