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Editorial | What’s next on horizon for legal marijuana

1/1/19--According to the Editorial Board of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the issues swirling around legal marijuana include taxation, licensing, distribution and delivery, the still-flourishing illegal market, the stark difference in how cities and counties throughout the state are regulating sales, environmental problems, testing, and establishing enforceable laws regarding operating vehicles while under the influence. Santa Cruz Sentinel did not support legalization. The reason is because despite the age declaration, younger people would have even more access to an intoxicant that is much more powerful and impairing than non-pot smokers probably realize. Read

Legal marijuana: Medley of agencies tasked with enforcing laws

12/29/17--Licensed businesses around California can begin legally growing and selling marijuana for recreational use Monday, and a hodgepodge of enforcement agencies will be trying to make sure they adhere to a slew of new pot laws. Three state agencies will issue a combined 19 types of permits to growers, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. Each agency has enforcement officers tasked with cracking down on unlicensed operators. Read

Marijuana worth $22.8 million found growing in San Mateo County

8/25/17--The two-month Campaign Against Marijuana Planting, led by the California Department of Justice, was designed to eradicate large-scale grow sites on public and private lands that cause deforestation, damage wildlife habitats, and pose a danger to residents. This campaign netted 11,400 plants with a street value of $22.8 million, according to the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force. Read