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Hemp rules give Minnesota farmers little room for error with law enforcement

2/17/20--Hemp farming drew heavy interest from Minnesota farmers as a fast-growing market for CBD oil emerged from nowhere. More than 500 growers and processors secured licenses under the state’s industrial hemp pilot program last year, but the business is perilous, and the rules give farmers little room for error. In fact, thirty growers in Minnesota were ordered to destroy their crops in 2019 after they tested too high for THC. Read

Pot shop clashes with tourism stores in eclectic Alaska town

8/30/17--The presence of a marijuana retail store has caused a deep divide in the town of Talkeetna, where hundreds of visitors roam the streets daily browsing in art galleries and souvenir shops housed in historic cabins. Some shop owners in this tourist town say that first marijuana retail store in Talkeetna, The High Expedition Co., could ruin the tiny town's historic atmosphere and harm business, like the eight or so stores that serve alcohol along Main Street could never do. Read