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UMass Med School specialist helps doctors learn about marijuana’s risks, benefits

8/17/17--Dr. Ehrlich, clinical associate professor of family medicine and community health at University of Massachusetts Medical School, was one of the reviewers of a new Comprehensive Cannabis Curriculum, developed by the Massachusetts Medical Society together with Harvard Medical School-affiliated Dr. Stephen B. Corn and Dr. Meredith Fisher-Corn. The curriculum is intended to equip doctors and health care providers with robust training on the medical, legal, and social issues regarding marijuana use. According to Dr. Ehrlich, physicians need to have access to better information to discuss both the therapeutic uses as well as the adverse effects of marijuana with their patients.

City Hall turns focus on med marijuana

4/2/17--Worcester's Board of Health is working on having local regulations in place governing the operation of medical marijuana facilities. The five-member board is not looking to adopt regulations that will make it more difficult to establish and operate those facilities. Rather, the main function of the local regulations is to give the city the ability to better monitor their operations after they open and respond to any issues or complaints about them. Read

Backers and foes of legalized marijuana disagree on school impact

11/18/16--School safety and law enforcement officials, who had vigorously opposed Ballot Question 4, are warning normalization of the drug will cause significant problems in local schools. Worcester schools’ safety director Robert Pezzella says this is a big concern for a lot of people, and marijuana will become more accessible to teenagers. Meanwhile, Question 4 advocates believe the law is already cautious enough, and that fears of marijuana becoming more accessible to underage users are unfounded. Read