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Many farmers oppose Georgia’s strict hemp growing rules

9/25/19--While Georgians can buy CBD oil in nutrition stores and gas stations, the product is farmed, processed, and shipped from out of state. Forty-one states already have hemp farming programs, and Georgia farmers want to get in on the action now that the General Assembly allowed it, but they’re having to wait for regulations to be approved. Read

97 pounds of marijuana seized, 3 arrested at Atlanta airport

5/10/19--Three people were arrested on drug trafficking charges Sunday after authorities found nearly 100 pounds of marijuana and THC vape pens in their luggage at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the GBI said. There have been a series of high-profile drug arrests at Atlanta’s airport in recent months. In February, four men on a flight from Las Vegas were arrested after authorities discovered 224 pounds of pot in their suitcases. Read

Georgia bill seeks in-state medical marijuana growing and sales

2/14/19--Legislation filed Thursday would allow medical marijuana oil to be sold to patients in Georgia. The proposal calls for medical marijuana dispensaries to serve the state’s rising number of registered patients — more than 8,400 so far. The drug would be legally grown, manufactured, tested, tracked, and distributed for the first time if House Bill 324 passes. Read

Enforcement, regulatory gaps hamper crackdowns on youth vaping

10/4/18--The federal Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on retailers who sell vaping products to minors, tightening regulations on e-cigarettes and publicizing the health risks of vaping to teens. The FDA recently cited over 1,300 retailers across the country for selling vaping products to minors, including two in southeast Georgia. The FDA now requires all e-cigarette retailers to include a health warning label on vaping products that describe the addictive qualities of nicotine, similar to warnings that have been required on cigarette packs for years. Read

Marijuana use among young adults is at an all-time high, study finds

9/11/18--The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently released the results of its latest study, which examined trends on substance use among non-college and college young adults. More than 13 percent of young adults not in college reported using marijuana daily or near daily, which is the highest level ever among the group. As a result, NIDA said daily marijuana use is now three times as high among non-college young adults as among college students. Read

Without legal way to buy medical marijuana, Georgians turn to CBD

8/14/18--It’s against the law to buy medical marijuana in Georgia, but customers can buy cannabidiol droplets, capsules, or creams to treat minor aches and pains. Meanwhile, there’s no way for patients suffering from severe seizures, intractable pain or deadly cancer to legally purchase a more potent cannabis product, low THC oil, in the state even if they’re registered through Georgia’s medical marijuana program. Without access to medical marijuana, business is booming in Georgia for cannabidiol — also called CBD — to find relief for anxiety, arthritis and back pain. Read

Gwinnett father’s medical marijuana made baby sick

8/9/18--When a 6-month-old's test results indicated positive for marijuana, warrants were issued for the child's father, Thomas Looby, alleging the medical THC oil he used likely seeped into the baby’s skin. Looby turned himself in to authorities on charges of reckless conduct and possession of a schedule I controlled substance, Gwinnett County jail records indicate. Read

10-month-old baby hospitalized after eating marijuana-laced gummy bear

8/9/17--A 10-month-old Indiana baby was hospitalized after eating a marijuana-laced gummy bear. Police were called to an Elkhart hospital after medical staffers determined the baby had ingested THC. Elkhart police are investigating how the child got a hold of the marijuana candy. Read

Atlanta’s pot laws discriminate, so change them

5/8/17--The Atlanta City Council is considering reducing the penalty for getting caught with pot. The effort put forth by Councilman Kwanza Hall is based on the idea that black residents are overwhelmingly the target of marijuana enforcement in the city, staining them with jail time, fines, and arrest records that follow them in life. Hall said the city is trying to work out possible kinks in an ordinance that would model itself after what DeKalb County's town of Clarkston passed last year that limits pot possession under an ounce to a $75 ticket with no jail time. Read

Johnny Isakson endorses removal of pot from DEA’s Schedule 1 list

3/14/17--U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson favors the removal of marijuana from the Schedule 1 list of banned drugs — which now lumps pot with controlled substances such as heroin and LSD. When asked about the subject by a constituent with multiple sclerosis, Isakson touted the medical benefits of cannabis oil, as well as work in the state Legislature to expand access for people fighting severe illnesses such as cancer. Read

Kids used as prison smugglers; Georgia women charged

10/13/16--Shalon Nicole Booker, price 36, there and Dana Jenelle Hammond, 22, were arrested Monday at Telfair State Prison for allegedly using a 7-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy to smuggle marijuana into a South Georgia prison, according to a media report. Read