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Why corporate social responsibility is BS

9/26/21--According to Robert Reich, author and former US secretary of labor who is also professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley, big corporations would violate laws on worker safety, wages and hours and pensions, whenever doing so was cheaper than obeying the laws. And they’d fight like hell against such laws to begin with – all the while telling the public what wonderful citizens they were. Read

Any amount of alcohol consumption harmful to the brain, finds study

5/18/21--According to a study of more than 25,000 people in the UK, there is no safe amount of alcohol consumption for the brain, with even “moderate” drinking adversely affecting nearly every part of it. The study, which is still to be peer-reviewed, suggests that the more alcohol consumed, the lower the brain volume. In effect, the more you drink, the worse off your brain. Read

Facebook allows advertisers to target children interested in smoking, alcohol and weight loss

4/27/21--According to research by the lobby group Reset Australia, Facebook is allowing businesses to advertise to children as young as 13 who express an interest in smoking, extreme weight loss and gambling for as little as $3. While Facebook will not allow the advertising of alcohol and other age-inappropriate content to people under 18, it does not prevent advertisers from targeting children determined by Facebook’s profile to have an interest in alcohol, for advertising that might not appear explicitly to be about those topics. Read

Meet Carl Hart: parent, Columbia professor – and heroin user

2/6/21--In a startling new book, Drug Use for Grown-Ups, Carl Hart, an Ivy League professor and five year regular heroin user, argues that the dangers of recreational drug use have been wildly overstated. Furthermore, Hart states that he's actually better for his drug use, and believes that when used in an informed and responsible manner, they fulfill a purpose with only the smallest risks.. Read

Cannabis compound could be weapon in fight against superbugs

1/19/20--A compound made by cannabis plants has been found to wipe out drug-resistant bacteria, raising hopes of a new weapon in the fight against superbugs. Scientists screened five cannabis compounds for their antibiotic properties and found that one, cannabigerol (CBG), was particularly potent at killing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), one of the most common hospital superbugs. Read

Medicinal cannabis: the hype is strong, but the evidence is weak

8/10/19--While there is high community and media interest in medicinal marijuana, the scientific community is approaching the drug with caution, noting that while there is some evidence to back it in some cases, the strength of the research into marijuana needs improvement. Read

Jay-Z joins cannabis company as chief brand strategist

7/10/19--Billionaire rapper Jay-Z is entering the fast-growing marijuana industry, taking a role with California company Caliva as a strategist. Privately-owned Caliva, formed in San Jose in 2015, said that Jay-Z had entered a long-term partnership in which he will focus on outreach and the creative direction of the company. Read

Does marijuana use really cause psychotic disorders?

1/20/19--Scientists with a combined 70-plus years of drug education and research on psychoactive substances believe author Alex Berenson’s assertions in his new book about marijuana causing psychotic disorders leading to violent crimes are misinformed and reckless. According to Carl L. Hart, chairman and Ziff professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University, evidence from research indicates that aggression and violence are highly unlikely outcomes of marijuana use. Read

Stronger cannabis linked to rise in demand for drug treatment programmes

1/31/18--Study drawing on data from the Netherlands is the first to show how admissions to treatment centres rise and fall in line with cannabis strength. Furthermore, it found that changes in demand for treatment typically lagged five to seven years behind changes to cannabis strength. Read

MADD manager says legalization of marijuana is going to create significant issues

7/23/17--The regional manager of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) says the legalization of marijuana next year is going to create a whole new challenge for law enforcement, and governments need to act soon. She said police need an approved instrument to detect drugs, and MADD Canada has made a recommendation. Read

Uruguay, the first country where you can smoke marijuana wherever you like

5/27/17--In July, Uruguay will become the first country in the world where its sale is legal across the entire territory. However, legal marijuana will only be available at pharmacies. Though the price will be highly accessible, consumers must register with the government first. They will then be required to identify themselves with a digital thumb scan to withdraw their weekly maximum of 10g. Read

Israel’s medical marijuana pioneers look to cash in on $20bn market

4/3/17--Israeli researchers are aiming to corner the rapidly burgeoning new global market in medical marijuana. Their goal is not simply to take part in a hugely lucrative market, but to transform the medical marijuana industry into a serious endeavour of pharmaceutical research, producing new strains and drugs able to alleviate the symptoms of of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, and other conditions. Read

Beer sales don’t take a hit from marijuana legalization, study finds

1/13/16--According to new research, the legalization of marijuana in several US states has not curbed beer sales. Americans managed to find room for both. In states where medical marijuana is legal, beer consumption was down 0.6% on average in the three years leading up to legalization, but rose 0.1% in the three years after. Read

Inside big pharma’s fight to block recreational marijuana

10/22/16--Alcohol and pharma groups have been quietly backing anti-marijuana efforts across the country, raising questions about threats to market share. The plant’s threat to the alcohol industry is difficult to chart, but some researchers claim consumers substitute alcohol with marijuana when the plant is legalized. For big pharma, however, an expanding amount of data explains their fears. For instance, research published this year by the University of Georgia shows that Medicare prescriptions for drugs used to treat chronic pain and anxiety dropped in states that have legalized medical marijuana. Read  

Reporter who quit on air to fight for pot legalization faces decades in prison

9/29/16--Former KTVA reporter Charlo Greene is facing 14 offenses of “misconduct involving a controlled substance” for a possible 54 years in prison following a series of undercover operations and raids at her club. Pending trial of Greene raises questions about the war on drugs and could have broader legal implications as more states move towards legalization. Read