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Coding and cannabis: Santa Clara County to expunge thousands of marijuana convictions

4/30/20--Santa Clara County plans to expunge 13,000 minor marijuana convictions that were rendered moot by the state’s 2016 legalization of recreational pot use and sales, two months before a deadline set by the landmark law. Read

Vaping deaths shine light on California’s dark cannabis underworld

10/6/19--It’s still unclear what is causing the lung damage that has hospitalized 805 people and killed 18. But most of the cases have been traced back to illicit products, health officials say. In a cluster of 12 cases treated in the Central Valley’s rural Kings County, where cannabis is illegal, every patient vaped using cannabis or cannabis oil devices bought from an illicit “pop up” shop. Read

Illegal pot farm bust in Santa Cruz Mountains takes down nearly 10,000 marijuana plants

6/4/19--The latest illegal pot farm bust took down more than 9,700 marijuana plants in 11 non-permitted greenhouses managed by four full-time workers at Summit Road near Russell Ridge, a county spokesman said. It is considered one of the largest sting operations against illegal commercial grow-ops in recent county history, spokesman Jason Hoppin said. Read

Marijuana stinks. Here’s what California cities, businesses, and neighbors can do about it.

9/11/18--Marijuana odors have triggered lawsuits against marijuana companies, and they have also led residents to try to block commercial operations from coming to California where recreational marijuana is legal and, increasingly, big business. Cities can mandate odor-control systems for home growers, or as a condition for approval of marijuana-related business permits. However, some in the industry note that odor requirements aren’t yet universal, and that odor control is yet another element of the marijuana business in which regulators aren’t keeping pace with the spread of legalization. Read

California considers ban on roadside-billboard marijuana ads

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-11-50-49-pm12/22/16--State lawmakers are considering legislation – Assembly Bill 64 – that would amend California’s recently passed Proposition 64 recreational marijuana initiative by imposing stricter rules for marijuana advertising. The new legislation would extend the ban to prohibit marijuana advertising along any stretch of interstate or state highway in California. Read

No toking on campus, Stanford says

11/16/16--Stanford University students won’t be allowed to smoke marijuana on campus despite the passage of Proposition 64 in last week’s election. Pot is still illegal under federal law, and since Stanford receives federal funding for various uses, including research and financial aid, the university must comply with federal law, including all current drug laws, according to a university statement. Read