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Why marijuana legalization won’t solve the industry’s problems

5/2/20--According to an article published in The Motley Fool, although legalizing marijuana could lead to significant opportunities in the industry, it won't be a band-aid solution for all of its problems. The article points out that one of the main reasons why is because marijuana companies are not profitable. and this has much more to do with a company's management than with whether it can sell across the country. Read

What Coronavirus crash? Sales are set to soar for these 3 stocks.

4/5/20--The spread of COVID-19 has brought nonessential economic activity to a near-halt in a number of states and developed countries, and this will probably result in a sharp recession in 2020. Yet, some businesses are actually thriving amid this chaos. Although the coronavirus crash has been largely indiscriminate of sector or industry, there are three stocks whose sales could very well soar because of COVID-19: Costco Wholesale, Trulieve Cannabis, and Teladoc Health. Read

The cannabis industry’s struggles could be great news for these companies

3/15/20--Marijuana stocks are plummeting and companies are running low on cash, making consolidation and bankruptcies inevitable in the near future. However, in other parts of the world marijuana companies still have good prospects. Read

Aurora Cannabis is now a penny stock. Will it recover?

3/12/20--Marijuana stocks have gone through a massive roller-coaster ride over the past couple of years. Now, there's just as much pessimism as there was optimism back then, and even well-established leaders in the cannabis industry have felt the pain. Read

3 marijuana stocks that could be millionaire-makers

2/2/20--According to an article by Keith Speights published in The Motley Fool, stocks with the greatest likelihood of building fortunes tend to have small market caps and huge market opportunities. The marijuana stocks Speights believes investors can buy right now that hold the potential to be millionaire-makers are: Valens, Organigram, and Innovative Industrial Properties. Read

Canadian cannabis GDP contribution rises by 15% in November

2/2/20--According to data compiled by Statistics Canada, the federal government's official statistics agency, the growth in the contribution of cannabis to gross domestic product (GDP) eclipsed every major category of the Canadian economy in November 2019. All told, cannabis industry production amounted to just over $7.4 billion Canadian ($5.6 billion) that month, which was 15% higher than the November 2018 result. Read

Better cannabis stock: Aphria vs. Charlotte’s Web

8/11/19--According to The Motley Fool writer Keith Speights, Aphria and Charlotte's Web are both good stocks; however, Aphria is an underrated underdog that could be a big winner over the long run, in his view. Charlotte's Web's market share is still under $900 million, but Speights believes it could double over the next few years as the U.S. hemp CBD market shifts into high gear. Read

Is Aphria a marijuana house of cards or a bad-news buy?

12/7/18--Shares in Aphria Inc., the third-largest Canadian marijuana company, have crashed over 50% this week because of short-sellers. Since shares have fallen significantly, Aphria's management has taken notice and responded to the allegations calling the short report "a malicious and self-serving attempt to profit by manipulating Aphria's stock price at the expense of Aphria's shareholders." Read

The marijuana stock that Wall Street likes the most

9/9/18--Currently, four pure-play marijuana stocks are listed on U.S. stock exchanges, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Canopy Growth Corporation, Cronos Group, and Tilray. According to The Motley Fool writer Keith Speights, Tilray, at least for now, ranks as the marijuana stock that Wall Street likes the most. Tilray is attracting investors' attention because of the potential that it could be the next to land a major deal -- perhaps with Diageo, another big beverage company reportedly looking for a marijuana partner. Read

Better Buy: Aphria Inc. vs. Aurora Cannabis Inc.

9/9/18--Although Canadian marijuana stocks, Aphria Inc. and Aurora Cannabis Inc., have soared over the past month, both stocks are still lower than their levels at the beginning of 2018. Aphria stock has performed better than Aurora so far this year and over the last few weeks. The Motley Fool outlines what needs to be known about how Aphria and Aurora Cannabis stack up against each other in three key areas. Read

Another major beer company is now part of the marijuana craze

8/12/18--Heineken is another major beer company angling for its piece of the cannabis-infused beverage pie. With cannabis flourishing in the U.S., even as the federal government holds firm on its Schedule I classification, Heineken sees an opportunity. Roughly two weeks ago, on July 30, Heineken launched a cannabis-only beverage in a handful of dispensaries in California through its wholly owned Lagunitas craft-brewing brand. Designed to taste like beer, but containing no alcohol, Heineken hopes that its Hi-Fi Hops beverage catches on quickly with consumers. Read

GW Pharma made an important move with its promising epilepsy treatment Epidiolex

11/6/17--GW Pharma's drug Epidiolex, a treatment that, in the company's words, "is a pharmaceutical formulation of purified cannabidiol (CBD), which is in development for the treatment of several rare childhood-onset epilepsy disorders," has completed its FDA New Drug Application to be marketed in the U.S. Additionally, it has been granted the FDA's rare pediatric-disease and orphan-drug designations, plus the potentially very helpful Fast Track designation. Read

Jeff Sessions may soon have a green light to wage war on medical marijuana businesses

9/17/17--The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment, which was proposed in 2014 and has been renewed in the federal budget each year since then, disallows the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and federal regulators from using federal dollars to prosecute marijuana businesses in states that have passed medical marijuana laws. However, this protection may soon fade away, possibly giving Capitol Hill's top marijuana opponent, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a green light to trample states' rights and prosecute medical-marijuana businesses. Read

Uh-Oh! Canada’s recreational marijuana bill could be in serious trouble

6/26/17--A recently introduced bill by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a longtime supporter of a countrywide recreational marijuana legalization effort, is targeting July 1, 2018 as the date where recreational pot would become legal in Canada. However, there's a bit of opposition to Canada's recreational marijuana legalization efforts, and it could wind up pushing Trudeau's legislation off the table altogether. Canada's current government make-up could make legalization far more challenging than people and investors realize. Read

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell weighs in on marijuana

5/7/17--NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell weighed in on the possibility of medical and/or recreational marijuana use in the NFL. Goodell tore down any hope that the NFL would become the first major sport to allow its players to use marijuana without facing drug-testing repercussions. Read

This landmark cannabis bill is great news for marijuana stocks

4/23/17--The benchmark bill, HB17-1221, passed in the Colorado Senate last week by a landslide 35-0 vote, and it aims to put an end to one of the industry's greatest recreational pot uncertainties. This bill will make it illegal for marijuana growing cooperatives to exist in Colorado. However, while Colorado's bill seems to be a step in the right direction for marijuana stocks in the U.S., they still need some help from the federal government to be a viable investment opportunity. Read

Who cares what Jeff Sessions does? These marijuana stocks should soar

4/2/17--Although questions and concerns exist about whether or not U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will crack down on marijuana sales in states that have legalized the drug, two marijuana stocks won't be impacted by what Sessions does: Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth Corporation. Both stocks are performing well in 2017 so far and appear to be headed much higher. Read

Here’s why this marijuana stock jumped 15% this week

2/17/17--Insys Therapeutics' (NASDAQ:INSY) share price climbed 15% this week after management provided a limited update on its progress developing medicine made using marijuana's chemical cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD). The update on the company's CBD program doesn't provide a lot of details for investors to digest, but it does suggest that Insys Therapeutics hasn't abandoned programs to develop CBD for epilepsy and, possibly, other indications. Read

Marijuana company’s in hot water with the DOJ

12/9/16--More uncertainty on the future of Insys Therapeutics exists due to several former pharmaceutical executives and managers, including former CEO Michael Babich, being arrested on charges that they led a nationwide conspiracy to bribe medical practitioners to unnecessarily prescribe a fentanyl-based pain medication and defraud healthcare insurers. Overall, Insys Therapeutics' troubles are a win for competitors that are developing marijuana medicine, notably GW Pharmaceuticals. Read

How California would spend its expected marijuana tax revenue

10/15/16--If Prop 64 is approved, it is estimated that marijuana sales in California could double, resulting in the state of California collecting more than $1 billion in annual tax and licensing revenue. Writer Sean Williams of The Motley Fool breaks down the distribution of funds into six distinct categories: cover regulatory costs, university oversight of implementation and regulation, law enforcement DWI protocols, social and medical programs, medical cannabis research, and educational and environmental programs. Read

2 marijuana stocks going in opposite directions

10/14/16--GW Pharmaceuticals and Insys Therapeutics, two publicly traded drugmakers that are researching marijuana medicine, are moving in opposite directions. While GW Pharmaceuticals' shares are on the upswing with shares more than doubling, a troubled past that includes investigations into Insys Therapeutics' marketing of the opioid pain-killer Subsys has caused its shares to crash more than 50%. Read

Why this marijuana stock crashed 18% in September

10/6/16--Insys Therapeutics shares fell 17.9% in September, and they're down 54% since September 2015. Growing concern over opioid abuse has caused Subsys sales to drop significantly this year. The company hopes the FDA's approval of its oral version of the marijuana-based drug Marinol in July can offset some of Subsys' sales decline. Read