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15-year-old girl killed after car shears Tacoma pole and catches fire

12/21/20--A 15-year-old girl was killed Sunday after the car she was riding in sheared a power pole in Tacoma, flipped and caught fire, police said. Investigators believe the 18-year-old driver was speeding and under the influence of marijuana. Read

COVID-19 woes: Fargo medical marijuana dispensary shut down

4/3/20--New York-based Acreage Holdings said it's temporarily closing The Botanist in Fargo, medical marijuana dispensary, that opened a year ago was shut down Friday because of slow sales and regulatory delays due to the coronavirus, the facility's operators said in a statement. Read

Jefferson City eyes regulating medical marijuana facilities

4/14/19--Jefferson City is pursuing ways to regulate medical marijuana facilities, including proposing a required buffer between these facilities and some schools, churches and child care centers. On May 20, the Jefferson City Council will hold a public hearing and vote on the proposed zoning code amendment that outlines some medical marijuana facility regulations. Read

Oklahoma investors await marijuana industry regulations

9/11/18--Oklahoma residents looking to invest in the state's upcoming marijuana industry for medical use are anxiously awaiting the passage of business regulations. Many would-be business owners and startup companies are trying to get an early foothold in the this industry by investing in groundwork and business plans, despite no state standards set in stone yet. The medicinal use of marijuana was approved by Oklahoma voters in June. Read

What actually happened to violent crime after Washington legalized marijuana

7/26/17--An upcoming report from a U.S. Department of Justice task force is expected to link marijuana use to violent crime, which some fear might signal the start of a Trump administration crackdown on weed. Since voters approved Initiative 502, FBI crime statistics show lower rates of violent crime in Washington than before legalization. Other data compiled by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs showed some fluctuations in violent crime rates but still found no statistically significant increase. Read

State lawmakers don’t think pot billboards should be appealing to kids

4/21/17--Washington state lawmakers are looking to crack down on roadside marijuana billboards that feature cannabis plants, cuddly animals, or other images they fear could attract children to the drug. The Legislature passed a wide-ranging set of tweaks to the state’s marijuana laws, including new rules for what can and can’t appear on pot billboards. The measure, Senate Bill 5131, awaits a signature from Gov. Jay Inslee. Read

Student marijuana survey gives cause for hope

3/20/17--The latest state data on underage marijuana use offers encouragement. Washington health officials last week released results of the 2016 Healthy Youth Survey, compiled from responses given by 230,000 students in all 39 counties last fall. The survey of 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-graders indicates that overall drug use rates have held steady since the last survey in 2014, and that most teens know better than to mess with alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and other substances. Read