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Dear Abby: Mom, who recently quit smoking pot, wonders how to make up for lost time

9/18/20--Dear Abby was presented with a question from a mother who recently stopped smoking after 20 years. She regrets all the time she missed with her family during that time and is seeking advice to establish a good relationship with family members. In response, Dear Abby states: You have already taken the first step in making it up to your family by admitting your smoking was hurting them and quitting. The next step will be to apologize to each of your family members for your behavior and let them know you know it was wrong and hurtful and that it won’t continue. Read

132 pounds of marijuana found in Wisconsin man’s car, Oregon police say

4/29/20--Oregon state troopers found 132 pounds of marijuana in a 52-year-old Bryant Oglen's car. Troopers said they noticed something was amiss and searched his car and discovered dozens of vacuum-packed bags of marijuana inside two duffle bags, police said. The discovery led to the illegal export citation, and Oglen was eventually released. Read

What we’ve learned from three years of legal marijuana

7/2/18--For the July 1 anniversary of when it became legal to grow and possess marijuana, The Oregonian/OregonLive interviewed a range of people who have seen its effects. In short, according to surveys, adult marijuana use is up measurably. Still, the latest data show the overwhelming majority of Oregon adults didn't touch marijuana in the past month. Whereas, teen usage has changed little, surveys show, although public health officials caution that it's too soon to judge legalization's lasting social and health impacts. Furthermore, black market sales, concerns about potency, and worries about big companies edging out local producers are universal for supporters and critics of the industry. Read

Portland leaders denounce federal stance on marijuana in letter to Oregon’s top prosecutor

1/11/18--All five Portland city commissioners sent a letter Monday to U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams, opposing the U.S. Department of Justice's reversal of the Obama administration's hands-off approach to the legal marijuana market in Oregon and other states. Read

Oregon sees spike in teens poisoned by marijuana

12/19/17--The number of teens poisoned by marijuana spiked last year in Oregon. About 70 adolescents between ages 13 and 19 sought treatment in an emergency room or called the Oregon Poison Center over symptoms such as anxiety, agitation, and hallucinations. That compares with 40 the year before. Read

State issues new plant limits for medical marijuana

9/1/17--Oregon public health officials drafted new rules for how many plants medical marijuana cardholders may grow at home or at a grow site registered with the state. The regulations are the result of legislation passed this year to tackle the flow of medical marijuana into the black market. Read

Cliff Robinson aims to ‘knock down the myth that athletes and cannabis don’t mix’

7/21/17--Cliff Robinson, formerly of the Portland Trail Blazers, is now making a name for himself in the marijuana industry through a partnership with Portland-based company Pistil Point Cannabis. Pistil Point is the first exclusive indoor cannabis growing facility in the city. Not being viewed a typical marijuana company is key for Robinson. He wants to knock down the myth that athletes and cannabis don't mix. Read

Beavercreek property owners file racketeering suit against neighbors growing marijuana

7/5/17--Rachel McCart and Erin McCart, two Beavercreek property owners who own about 11 acres of fenced pastures and woodland off South Highland Crest Drive, are suing their neighbors, contending that they are engaged in racketeering by producing and selling marijuana. The McCarts argue that any business producing or selling marijuana is a criminal enterprise, and those who participate in the business should be subject to civil liability for causing injury to others. Read

Contaminated marijuana still reaching consumers in Oregon

6/17/17--Nine months after Oregon issued the toughest rules in the nation to keep pesticide-tainted marijuana off store shelves, the state acknowledges that some contaminated products continue to reach consumers. Oregon wrote its own rules to crack down on pesticides in cannabis production. But it has faced a backlash from parts of the state's nearly $320 million industry over the expense and inefficiency of the requirements and the inconsistency of the results. Read

Oregon revises marijuana rules after industry backlash

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-8-07-24-pm12/2/16--Oregon on Friday issued temporary new rules aimed at easing what marijuana producers and processors say is a major backlog that has brought parts of the industry to a standstill, left store shelves empty, and prompted some companies to lay off workers. Read

Search-and-destroy missions for illegal pot falter in Oregon

11/10/16--Oregon is poised to become the first in a group of key battleground marijuana states to exit a nationwide program designed to discover and destroy black-market pot plantations. Money for the eradication effort in Oregon has dropped by nearly three-quarters in the last year to $200,000, by far the largest percentage cut in the country, shop financial data from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration shows. Read

Marijuana businesses push back on Oregon’s testing rules, ask for delay

10/12/16--Some makers of marijuana concentrates, extracts, and edibles are complaining that the state lacks approved labs to carry out all of the required tests, causing long delays, leaving them out of the state's new recreational marijuana program that opened this month. The criticisms have pushed Oregon's pot regulators to convene a meeting Wednesday to evaluate the problems. Read

Driver high on marijuana when he killed Portland cyclist

9/14/16--Kenneth Britt Smith was high on medical marijuana when he struck and killed a bicyclist on Northeast Lombard Street last December -- then fled the scene -- and will be sentenced to more than six years in prison later this month. Read

240 marijuana plants seized from Washington County backyard

9/4/16--Police seized 240 marijuana plants growing in a Washington County backyard Saturday after following up on a complaint. Read

Bob Marley’s kids launch a new cannabis ‘lifestyle brand’ in Oregon

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.55.15 AM8/29/16--On Wednesday, Marley Natural--the "official Bob Marley cannabis brand"--unveiled its cannabis-based lifestyle products at Nectar in Portland. The company is actually owned by Bob Marley's children who run his estate, and only part of what Marley Natural does involves selling flower. The majority of their products don't contain any THC at all. Read