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Marijuana reform finds bipartisan support during House hearing

7/11/19--Federal marijuana reform found broad bipartisan support Wednesday on Capitol Hill during a first-of-its-kind hearing held by members of the House Judiciary Committee. The hearing marked the first time Congress has specifically convened to consider ending marijuana prohibition since federally outlawing pot decades earlier. Read

Reefer madness

1/10/19--According to an editorial and analysis published by The Washington Times, the use of marijuana is growing now that ambiguity over its legality is well advanced. Contrary to the view that marijuana is a trendy drug with little or no downside, there are undeniable reasons to steer clear of it. Read

Department of Veterans Affairs’ PTSD, pot study called ‘worthless’

8/21/17--Researchers at the VA Portland Health Care System published two studies that reviewed previous analyses and evaluations of the effects of marijuana on treating chronic pain and PTSD. Cannabis advocates are criticizing the Department of Veterans Affairs for wasting time and resources on recently published research that produced inconclusive results on the effects of medical marijuana in treating pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. Read

Man convicted of fatally shooting marijuana grow partner

7/21/17--A jury has convicted Shawn Geerdes of fatally shooting his partner, Jason Dosa, in a marijuana growing operation. Prosecutors say Geerdes shot Dosa five times, stuffed the body in the trunk of a car, drove to Jefferson County, and lit the vehicle on fire. The two had been partners in a grow operation in the small town of Agate southeast of Denver. Read

Roger Stone urges Trump to not interfere with states that have legalized marijuana

6/24/17--Former Donald Trump presidential campaign advisor Roger Stone is calling on the president to uphold his pre-election promise regarding marijuana legalization as his attorney general appears closer than ever to reining in states with legal weed. Stone recently formed a pro-marijuana lobbying group, the United States Cannabis Coalition, and its main purpose is ensuring the president keeps his campaign promise with respect to legalization, particularly in the face of recent comments made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggesting otherwise. Read

Philly mayor calls for sale of marijuana in state-run liquor stores

5/12/17--Mayor Jim Kenney believes that Philadelphia could reduce crime while filling its coffers if it legalizes marijuana and regulates it like alcohol. While Pennsylvania hasn’t legalized marijuana, Kenney said the commonwealth’s hundreds of state-run liquor stores could easily double as pot dispensaries if the state passed legislation to that effect. Read

Bills on guns, medical marijuana among those dead for year

5/7/17--South Carolina legislation that lets more people carry guns, legalizes medical marijuana, and borrows money to repair public buildings are among proposals dead for the year. Read