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Puff-puff, pass it on. Visit Modesto launches cannabis tourism, education campaign

7/30/21--Visit Modesto has launched what is believed the first-ever citywide cannabis tourism program in the country. The MoTown CannaPass, much like the visitors bureau’s other tourism campaigns, is aimed at getting people to stop, shop and enjoy what the Central Valley city has to offer. Read

Is this cannabis B&B the start of New England pot tourism?

10/27/17--John Jones and Alexandra Tuccy, owners of Maine Greenyards, are savvy young ganjapreneurs who want to turn their bed and breakfast (referred to in the article as a "bud and breakfast") into a cannabis winery. They envision guests touring the property to see how marijuana is grown, learning about different varieties, and sampling. They bought the property, located on 16 acres, last December, just after Maine passed a law legalizing marijuana. They were inspired by the booming pot tourism market in Colorado. Read

Colorado’s tourism office will start educating visitors about marijuana laws

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-7-00-57-pm9/16/16--Colorado tourism officials are ramping up educational and informational efforts around marijuana laws. Cathy Ritter, director of the Colorado Tourism Office, hopes to help clear up any misinformation for visitors who have an interest in the legal marijuana industry as well as those who may be deterred from traveling to Colorado because of their perceptions. Read