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Biden embraces drug courts, but do they actually work?

11/2/20--Despite three decades of intensive research, experts remain deeply divided over the efficacy — and ethics — of drug courts. Drug courts essentially offer a choice to defendants whose alleged crimes are deemed to have been the result of a substance use disorder. Proponents say these courts are both a compassionate alternative to incarceration and a more efficient form of justice, achieving lower crime and recidivism rates for less money than traditional criminal processes. Read

Legal marijuana market size, global industry growth, statistics, trends, revenue analysis 2020

6/4/20--DBMR published a new research publication on “Global Legal Marijuana Market Size, Share, Growth, Industry Trends and Forecast to 2027" with 350+ pages and enriched with self-explained Tables and charts in presentable format. In the study, new evolving Market Size, Share, Statistics, Trends, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities generated by targeting market associated stakeholders can be found. Read

Adolescent treatment admissions for marijuana following recreational legalization in Colorado and Washington

5/1/20--There is concern that recreational marijuana legalization (RML) may lead to increased cannabis use disorder (CUD) among youth due to increased marijuana use. This study investigates whether adolescent substance use disorder treatment admissions for marijuana use increased in Colorado and Washington following RML. Read

House of Medicine opens the door to addiction prevention & treatment

3/15/18--Two landmark developments in medicine pave the way for quality medical care to address America's largest and most costly preventable health problem - unhealthy substance use and addiction involving all addictive substances. These changes are designed to increase the number of addiction medicine physician specialists who can provide direct patient care and consultation, teach other providers and thereby drive knowledge across health care, and help policymakers and the public understand and effectively respond to our current health crisis. Read

How does resolving cannabis problems differ from problems with alcohol or other drugs?

3/5/18--Individuals who report having resolved a problem with cannabis use appear to have done so at younger ages than those who resolved problems with alcohol or other drugs and were less likely to use any formal sources of assistance or support, report investigators from the Recovery Research Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Read

The Recover releases new drug addiction and statistics page ror Atlanta Georgia

2/23/18--The Recover releases an all inclusive informational for those looking for drug treatment in Atlanta GA. According to the site, cocaine is the highest abused drug in the city, with marijuana being the next most abused substance. In a city with over 5 and a half million residents, the need for substance abuse treatments is necessary in curbing the epidemic of high school drop outs at 33% and 1,394 drug overdose deaths in Georgia in 2016, an alarming rate of 13.3 deaths per 100,000 residents. Read

Stronger cannabis linked to rise in demand for drug treatment programmes

1/31/18--Study drawing on data from the Netherlands is the first to show how admissions to treatment centres rise and fall in line with cannabis strength. Furthermore, it found that changes in demand for treatment typically lagged five to seven years behind changes to cannabis strength. Read

Marijuana use amongst youth stable, but substance abuse admissions up

8/15/17--According to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York, while marijuana use amongst youth remains stable, youth admission to substance abuse treatment facilities has increased. As to why numbers are up, Miesha Marzell, assistant professor of social work at Binghamton University, says that it could be that people are seeing any kind of use as high-risk and want to make sure that, from a prevention standpoint, that they stay on top of it. Read

Addiction medicine experts push back against AHCA’s Medicaid cuts

6/19/17--The first meeting of the Trump administration’s commission on opioids centered on a key topic: the American Health Care Act and proposed cuts to Medicaid within the bill. Though concerns about Medicaid cuts were at the forefront of discussions at the commission’s two-hour meeting, the nine-person panel also sounded off on evidence-based medicine, ways to increase first responders’ access to key drugs like naloxone, and how to make it easier for families to access resources if they’re coping with a relative’s addiction. Read

More people are voluntarily seeking help for marijuana addiction

6/12/17--Evidence suggests that the number of people voluntarily seeking treatment for marijuana addiction is rising. The rise in voluntary admissions will likely surprise people who think marijuana is harmless and that, therefore, no one would seek treatment for it without legal pressure. But marijuana-addiction treatment will probably be more rather than less widely sought as legalization spreads. Read

Sobering truth about addiction treatment in America

5/8/17--More people are dying of drug oversees than any other non-natural cause. According to a Psychology Today article by New York Times best selling author Davis Sheff, currently most people who enter treatment are subjected to archaic care, some of which does more harm than good. Only about 10 percent of people who need treatment for drug-use disorders get any whatsoever. Of those who do, a majority enter programs with practices that would be considered barbaric if they were common in treatment systems for other diseases. Read

Criminal Justice

5/4/17--Scientific research since the mid-1970s shows that treatment can help many in the criminal justice system who use drugs change their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors toward drug use; avoid relapse; and successfully remove themselves from a life of substance use and crime. Treatment can be effective, whether voluntary or ordered by the court. Once in a treatment program, even those who are not motivated to change at first can eventually become engaged in a continuing treatment process. Read

Addiction specialists ponder a potential aid: pot

3/27/17--The new clinic, High Society, is experimenting with a concept made possible by the growing legalization of marijuana: that pot, rather than being a gateway into drugs, could be a gateway out. A small but growing number of pain doctors and addiction specialists are overseeing the use of marijuana as a substitute for more potent and dangerous drugs. Read

Black communities hit hardest by reduced public addiction treatment

10/23/16--It is important that publicly funded outpatient substance use disorder treatment facilities offer services free of charge; however, a substantial portion of US counties do not have any of these facilities. Furthermore, cross-sectional research has shown that such facilities are less likely to be located in counties with a greater percentage of Black residents. Read