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Labour’s ‘responsible’ drug abuse

4/13/21--In a relentless drive to legalize drug abuse, Labour issued a White Paper entitled, ‘Towards the strengthening of the legal framework on the responsible use of cannabis’. Labour’s White Paper asserts that “Nothing in this White Paper is intended to encourage, promote or lead to consumption of cannabis,” but according to The Shift's Kevin Cassar, it proceeds to do just that. Read

How Airbnb and Uber use activist tactics that disguise their corporate lobbying as grassroots campaigns

4/15/21--In addition to traditional lobbying, some digital platforms have been cultivating corporate “grassroots lobbying” initiatives in which they resource and mobilize their users to lobby for deregulation or to block proposals or sanctions from government. They do this by using civil-society practices such as online petitions addressed to politicians, one-on-one meetings with representatives, protests, and partnerships with existing civil society groups. Read

The International Women’s Day, let’s reflect on ‘feminist’ gendered alcohol marketing

3/8/21--In this blog post, Amanda Marie Atkinson, Beth Meadows, Mwaka Nanyangwe, and Harry Sumnall from the Public Health Institute at Liverpool John Moores University explore gendered alcohol marketing. Research suggests a move away from sexist content such as the (hyper)sexualisation of women’s bodies, and an increasing use of gender equality and empowerment messaging. Read

United Kingdom drug situation 2019: summary

8/7/20--The overall prevalence of drug use reported in the UK has remained relatively stable throughout the last decade. However, the most recent surveys covering England and Wales, and Scotland reported the highest prevalence of drug use in the past 10 years. From the most recent surveys, the prevalence of any drug use in the last year was 9.4% in England and Wales, 12% in Scotland, and 5.9% in Northern Ireland. Read

The scent of London has changed: all I can smell now is cannabis

1/26/19--The Spectator writer Mary Wakefield says marijuana is everywhere in London. She says this because the smell of the city has changed. A decade ago, the dominant scent was diesel and tobacco, but now the smell of London is marijuana. Research from the University of York examined the number of people accessing drug treatment services over the past ten years and found, not a rise in overall users, but a dramatic rise in the number of people over 40 smoking marijuana, nearly 120 percent. Read