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Intensity of cannabis use: Findings from three online surveys

5/1/20--Respondents who reported using cannabis daily (i.e., 30 days in the past month) consumed almost twice as much per day of use on average as did those reporting less than daily. The study finds only modest increases in intensity among those using less than daily, but then a substantial increase (p< 0.001) for those who use daily. Read

New study could lead to therapeutic interventions to treat cocaine addiction

4/22/20--A new study explains how cocaine modifies functions in the brain revealing a potential target for therapies aimed at treating cocaine addiction. The study indicates that D2R activation in cholinergic interneurons is indeed central to the control of striatal neuronal circuits and significantly affects the motor and cellular responses to cocaine. Read

Feds sue company over claims its CBD products can treat cancer

4/30/20--The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently sued the California-based Whole Leafs Organica over unsanctioned medical claims it was making about a line of CBD products and supplements by marketing products as treatment options for conditions such as cancer and COVID-19 without supporting scientific evidence. Read

High Times owner scores 13 California marijuana dispensaries

4/28/20--The owner of High Times is going to start selling marijuana after championing its use in the pages of its magazine for nearly half a century. Hightimes Holding Corp. said Tuesday is acquiring 13 dispensaries from Harvest Health and Recreation, one of the largest multi-state producers and sellers of cannabis in the U.S. Read

Drs. Oz & Roizen: Medical marijuana can have negative side effects too

4/30/20--Marijuana can have serious interactions with 21+ different drugs and moderate interactions with 286+, says RxList.com. It can also trigger anxiety and paranoia, according to a study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research. Researchers at the University of Washington discovered that more than half of 1,500 students surveyed had experienced anxiety and/or paranoia while using cannabis. Read

Trump Admin could let researchers study marijuana dispensary products, scientist argues after DOJ memo released

5/1/20--Sue Sisley of the Scottsdale Research Institute (SRI), who is involved in a case that forced the release of a previously “secret” Justice Department document about federally authorized marijuana research this week, is now calling on Congress to urge administrative action to more rapidly expand studies into the therapeutic potential of cannabis. Read

How weed became ‘whatever’: Leagues are ditching old policies

4/30/20--The only states in which any of the four major pro league teams play where there are no broad laws legalizing marijuana are Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. In short, sports leagues have adapted. For professional athletes, advocacy for a more lenient marijuana policy has typically centered around pain and mental health management. So what's next for marijuana in professional sports? Many expect an eventual change in the NBA, and the NFL is embracing new realities. Read

Heavy pot use linked to mental problems, even after quitting

4/30/20--Nearly half of people who have been or are now dependent on pot have some form of mental illness or dependence on another substance, according to a report this month in the journal Advances in Preventative Medicine. That compares with 8% of people with no history of pot dependence have mental illness or another drug or alcohol addiction. Read

Why marijuana legalization won’t solve the industry’s problems

5/2/20--According to an article published in The Motley Fool, although legalizing marijuana could lead to significant opportunities in the industry, it won't be a band-aid solution for all of its problems. The article points out that one of the main reasons why is because marijuana companies are not profitable. and this has much more to do with a company's management than with whether it can sell across the country. Read

Companies making CBD gummies, vapes, and lube got millions in bailout loans

5/2/20--The Trump administration has doled out millions in forgivable emergency loans to companies selling CBD gummies, oils and vape cartridges, despite blocking state-legal marijuana dispensaries from accessing those same rescue funds. At least three specialty CBD vendors scored a total of over $4 million in federal loans in April, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings reviewed by VICE News. Read

Lack of research clouds medical marijuana

5/2/20--Researchers haven’t conducted enough large-scale clinical trials that show that the benefits of the marijuana plant (as opposed to its cannabinoid ingredients) outweigh its risks in patients it’s meant to treat. Long-term studies are necessary. Due to the lack of research, Westview emphasizes the importance of an educated community, especially young people and their parents, about the dangers and potentially addictive dynamics of all drugs, including marijuana. Read

Analysis on new product launches in Covid-19 related markets-CBD oil market 2020-2024 | Health benefits of CBD oil to boost growth

5/1/20--Technavio has been monitoring the CBD oil market and it is poised to grow by USD 3.52 bn during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of over 32% during the forecast period. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. Read

Cannabis use during adolescence and the occurrence of depression, suicidality and anxiety disorder across adulthood

4/29/20--According to a longitudinal cohort study over 30-years examining the association between cannabis use in adolescence and the occurrence of depression, suicidality and anxiety disorders during adulthood, young age at first use and high frequency of use in adolescence may particularly increase the risk of depression in adulthood. All associations were independent of cannabis use and other substance abuse during adulthood. Read

Constellation Brands exercises warrants to acquire shares in canopy growth

5/1/20-- Constellation Brands, Inc., a leading beverage alcohol company, and Canopy Growth Corporation, a leading diversified cannabis company, today announced the exercise by Greenstar Canada Investment Limited Partnership, an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Constellation Brands, of an aggregate of 18,876,901 warrants to purchase common shares of Canopy Growth. Read

CBD Co. settles FTC suit over COVID-19, cancer cure claims

4/29/20--A California CBD and wellness company has agreed to stop marketing vitamin C and herbal extract supplements as able to treat, prevent or cure COVID-19, according to a Federal Trade Commission court filing. If approved by a California federal court, the deal struck Tuesday between Whole Leaf Organics, its owner Marc Ching and the FTC will also bar the company from marketing three CBD supplements as effective cancer treatments. Read

Changes in prevalence of vaping among youths in the United States, Canada, and England from 2017 to 2019

5/4/20--The prevalence of vaping increased between 2018 and 2019 within all 3 countries, but was substantially more prevalent in Canada and the US compared with England. Vaping was substantially higher among individuals who reported smoking than other respondents in all 3 countries, although increases between 2017 and 2019 were observed across all subgroups for most measures of vaping in the US and Canada including among those who reported never smoking. Read

Youth perceptions of Juul in the United States

5/4/20--The use of e-cigarettes among youths has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Juul is the most popular brand of e-cigarettes among youth, and it has been criticized for marketing that targets youths. Concerns of serious short-term and long-term health outcomes from e-cigarette use have led to actions from the US Food and Drug Administration, states, and municipalities to ban or restrict the sale of e-cigarettes. Read

Vaping-induced lung disease — A look forward by looking back

4/23/20--In the current issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, an article by Werner and colleagues from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examines the outbreak of EVALI (e-cigarette, or vaping, product use–associated lung injury) and takes a look backward at this outbreak to see what we have learned. Although the EVALI crisis may now have faded, millions of e-cigarette users still have virtually no protection against the potential harms from the thousands of largely unregulated e-cigarette devices and liquids on the market. Read

Delta-9 THC can be detected and quantified in the semen of men who are chronic users of inhaled cannabis

4/30/20--The purpose of this proof-of-concept study was to determine whether delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and THC metabolites (11-OH THC and THC-COOH) can be detected in semen. This is the first study to identify and quantify THC in human semen, demonstrating that THC can cross the blood-testis barrier in certain individuals. Seminal THC was found to be moderately correlated with serum THC and THC metabolites. Read

Cannabis producer Canopy Growth lays off 200 amid restructuring

4/29/20--Marijuana producer Canopy Growth Corp. said it had laid off 200 people across Canada, the United Kingdom and the U.S. as part of its ongoing restructuring plans first announced in February. U.S.-traded shares of Canopy were up 2.4% in late afternoon trading and down from a gain of just over 4% earlier in the session. Read

Cannabidiol improves survival and behavioral co‐morbidities of Dravet syndrome in mice

4/22/20--A study investigated cannabidiol's potential to prevent premature mortality and improve associated co‐morbidities. Results indicate that cannabidiol treatment reduced premature mortality and improved several behavioral co‐morbidities in Dravet syndrome mice. These crucial findings may be translated into human therapy to address behavioral co‐morbidities associated with Dravet syndrome. Read

Federal lobbying on cannabis dipped in the first part of 2020

4/29/20--Federal lobbying expenses by cannabis and hemp organizations fell slightly during the first quarter of 2020, according to a Cannabis Wire analysis of disclosure reports. But cannabis companies have ratcheted up their efforts  in recent weeks as federal lawmakers  work to address the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read

Washington voters could see drug decriminalization and treatment initiative on November ballot

4/21/20--Activists in Washington State are working to place an initiative to decriminalize drug possession and expand access to treatment services on the November ballot. ACLU of Washington says they remain determined to qualify Initiative 1715, which would make possession of illegal substances for personal use a civil infraction that does not carry the threat of jail time. Read

What are the side effects of secondhand marijuana smoke?

4/16/20--Studies have shown that although possible, it is unlikely that a person who breathes in secondhand marijuana smoke will get high. However, if there is poor or no ventilation, the likelihood of a person becoming high from the surrounding smoke drastically increases. In short, for a contact high to be possible, a person would need to be in close contact with highly concentrated marijuana smoke for an extended period in a poorly ventilated area. Read

FDA warns companies illegally selling CBD products to treat medical conditions, opioid addiction

4/23/20--The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to two companies for illegally selling unapproved products containing cannabidiol (CBD) in ways that violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). Read

In Search of Preventative Strategies: Novel anti-inflammatory high-CBD cannabis sativa extracts modulate ACE2 expression in COVID-19 gateway tissue

4/19/20--With the rapidly growing pandemic of COVID-19 caused by the new and challenging to treat zoonotic SARS-CoV2 coronavirus, there is an urgent need for new therapies and prevention strategies that can help curtail disease spread and reduce mortality. Read

Medical cannabis for the reduction of opioid dosage in the treatment of non-cancer chronic pain

4/22/20--Based on a review assessing medical cannabis (MC) used in combination with opioids to treat non-cancer chronic pain would reduce opioid dosage, it is likely that opioid dosage is reduced when used in combination with MC. However, more research is needed to elucidate whether MC used in combination with opioids in the treatment of non-cancer chronic pain is associated with health consequences that are yet unknown. Read

Pot Stores Essential? A Counterpoint

4/24/20--The marijuana industry is using the fact that its stores have been labeled as “essential” as a call for legalization nationwide. According to an op-ed featured in Inside Sources, although buying a cappuccino at Starbucks is not allowed, walking into a marijuana store for a high potency weed is perfectly fine. Continuing on, the article states, "It isn’t because marijuana has been “solidified into the mainstream fabric of America”— it’s because its army of lobbyists are flexing their political muscle and threatening politicians to do as they demand. Read

The therapeutic effectiveness of full spectrum hemp oil using chronic neuropathic pain model

4/19/20--Few models exist that can control for placebo and expectancy effects commonly observed in clinical trials measuring ‘Cannabis’ pharmacodynamics. The Foramen Rotundum Inflammatory Constriction Trigeminal Infraorbital Nerve injury (FRICT-ION) model was used to measure the effect of “full-spectrum” whole plant extracted hemp oil on chronic neuropathic pain sensitivity in mice. Read

The world pushes back against e-cigarettes and Juul

3/30/20--The e-cigarette giant Juul Labs counted on international expansion to offset losses in the U.S., but the regulatory response abroad has been even stricter. The company has been met with ferocious anti-vaping sentiment and a barrage of newly enacted e-cigarette restrictions, or outright bans, in country after country. As a result, its ambitious overseas plans have collapsed. Read

Cannabis scientists are chasing the perfect high

4/1/20--According to an article published in The New York Times, wherever marijuana is legal, companies are claiming that they have figured out how to produce a bespoke high. Some of the research these companies cite to support what they are advertising has been published and peer-reviewed, but much of the recent work on the effects of cannabis has been conducted privately, and the companies are guarding their results as trade secrets. Read

Consumers for safe CBD calls on media/retailers to help protect consumers

4/9/20--Consumers for Safe CBD sent a letter to major retailers of CBD products and media companies to warn them about the unscrupulous claims that are being made about CBD and COVID-19. As America grapples with the COVID-19 crisis, some CBD manufacturers and stores are beginning to prey on consumers, making false claims that CBD can boost immunity against, or even cure, the coronavirus. Read

Staying safe while delivering weed in the pandemic

4/10/20--While millions of Americans are at home, socially distancing to curb the spread of the coronavirus, delivery service workers in the cannabis trade face a new problem: keeping employees safe from the virus. Read

Marijuana may impair female fertility

4/2/20--Female eggs exposed to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, have an impaired ability to produce viable embryos, and are significantly less likely to result in a viable pregnancy, according to an animal study. Read

Coronavirus gave cannabis companies a big bump in sales and it wasn’t just for the wake-and-bake set

4/5/20--While the American economic sectors ground to a halt in response to the coronavirus crisis, cannabis dispensaries saw their sales soar by double digits. On March 16th alone, sales doubled in California. Roy Bingham, CEO of cannabis market research firm BDS Analytics, said he expects the industry to not only ride out the coming economic storm but continue to grow. Read

Take these steps to help prevent the Coronavirus from infecting your cannabis stocks

4/5/20--According to a Forbes article by Alan Brochstein, the COVID-19 crisis has created some operational challenges that will likely hurt the growth in the short-term of even relatively healthy companies, but the cannabis industry may experience stronger growth than many other industries as the crisis ensues. Brochstein says investors should choose their cannabis stocks very carefully in this environment. Read

What Coronavirus crash? Sales are set to soar for these 3 stocks.

4/5/20--The spread of COVID-19 has brought nonessential economic activity to a near-halt in a number of states and developed countries, and this will probably result in a sharp recession in 2020. Yet, some businesses are actually thriving amid this chaos. Although the coronavirus crash has been largely indiscriminate of sector or industry, there are three stocks whose sales could very well soar because of COVID-19: Costco Wholesale, Trulieve Cannabis, and Teladoc Health. Read

COVID-19 Hotline & MyChart Adult Triage Protocol at UCSF

4/6/20--COVID-19 hotline & MyChart Adult Protocol at USSF created by Drs. Judson and Gonzales. This protocol is intended to be used for telephone triage, or built into an online self triage platform. Read

Bankruptcy and restructuring in the cannabis industry in 2020 and beyond

4/6/20--While states continue to legalize cannabis, and the federal government continues to consider softening its stance, difficult questions persist at the intersection of cannabis and bankruptcy. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve in 2020 and beyond, those questions only become more acute. Read

Inside Mike Tyson’s $1 million-a-month marijuana empire

4/6/20--Mike Tyson has transitioned from boxing to his latest lucrative endeavor: his multi-million dollar cannabis business. He has been selling cannabis products since 2016 through his Tyson Holistic label and is believed to earn around $1 million-a-month through his business. Tyson also has sights on expanding into a reported 418-acre weed-themed holiday resort and a "Tyson University" for wannabe weed farmers. Read

Playboi Carti arrested in Georgia following traffic stop

4/4/20--On Thursday, The Clayton County Sheriff’s Department announced it had arrested rapper PlayBoi Carti after a traffic stop. In a news release, the Sheriff’s Department said members of an “elite” enforcement unit pulled over a Lamborghini with an allegedly expired tag and discovered 12 bags of marijuana, 3 guns, Xanax, codeine, and oxycodone. Read

Marijuana use may impair female fertility: Study

4/4/20--Female eggs exposed a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana have an impaired ability to produce viable embryos and are significantly less likely to result in a viable pregnancy, claims a study. According to the researchers, preliminary data also showed THC affected the activity of a total of 62 genes in the treatment groups compared with the non-treated groups. "This implies lower quality and lower fertilization capability, therefore lower fertility in the end," according to study researcher Megan Misner. Read

Trends in marijuana vaping and edible consumption from 2015 to 2018 among adolescents in the United States

4/6/20--There is growing evidence associating adolescent marijuana use with developmental and societal consequences. Prevalence and trends from 2015 to 2018 in noncombustible marijuana use and differences by use frequency and sociodemographic characteristics have been documented. Vaping has increased rapidly among adolescents, and Regional data suggest boys vape more than girls, but there are conflicting reports of sex differences in edible use, and differences across modes of use for race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status (SES). Read

Analysis: DEA releases long-awaited rules for federal cannabis research

3/20/20--In 2016, the US Drug Enforcement Administration said it would, for the first time, open applications for those hoping to become federally-licensed cannabis researchers. The details came four years later. The DEA announced Friday, to “expand opportunities for marijuana growers who seek to grow marijuana for research purposes and outline the agency’s proposed process for administering the new program, consistent with applicable law.” There will then be a public comment period. Read

Controls to enhance the cultivation of marijuana for research in the United States

3/23/20--The Drug Enforcement Administration is proposing to amend its regulations to comply with the requirements of the Controlled Substances Act, including consistency with treaty obligations, in order to facilitate the cultivation of marihuana for research purposes and other licit purposes. Read

Coronavirus crisis shows marijuana is ‘essential’ and mainstream

3/23/20--In state after state, governors and public health officials are deeming cannabis businesses “essential” operations that can stay open amid coronavirus-related forced closures and stay-at-home mandates. Interestingly, in the era of expanding legalization, cannabis providers in many states are held up as vital members of the community who are providing a valuable service on par with picking up prescription drugs at a pharmacy or filling up your car at a gas station. Read

Is marijuana an ‘essential’ like milk or bread? Some states say yes

3/24/20--Over the past week, more than a dozen states have agreed that while “nonessential” stores had to close; however, pot shops and medical marijuana dispensaries could remain open — official recognition that for some Americans, cannabis is as necessary as milk and bread. Read

Op-Ed: If marijuana is essential during the coronavirus shutdown, why not books?

3/31/20--Mayor Eric Garcetti and Gov. Gavin Newsom's stay-at-home edicts let dispensaries stay open but force bookshops to shutter indefinitely. Newsom could, however, put California in the vanguard by expressly adding bookstores to the list of essential businesses. In the meantime, some bookstore owners are trying to pay their staffs even while books aren’t going out at the usual rate and most of their employees are staying home. Read

With LinkedIn trademark settlement, cannabis tech standout LeafedIn finalizes rebrand to LeafedOut

3/31/20--LeafedOut, formerly known as LeafedIn, announced a resolution to their intellectual property dispute with the professional networking site “Linkedin” that correlated with their complete rebrand to Leafedout as of the start of this year. Read

Pot stocks plunge after another round of disappointing earnings

3/30/20--Quebec-based Hexo reported a net loss of $210.8 million in its fiscal second quarter, and Medipharm Labs Corp. stock fell 13.6%. Other pot companies also plan to announce loss earnings, including Cronos Group Inc., one of Canada’s largest pot producers. Shares of other Canadian pot companies largely fell: Tilray Inc. dropped 19.9%, Aurora Cannabis Inc. fell 9.4%, Aphria Inc. fell 4.6%, and Sundial Growers Inc. fell 2.9%. Read

Marijuana businesses are ineligible for Coronavirus disaster relief, Federal Agency confirms

3/24/20--The federal Small Business Administration (SBA) reiterated on Monday that marijuana companies are not eligible for disaster relief loans to lessen the blow of the coronavirus outbreak. Because cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, the marijuana industry is being denied access to these aid opportunities, including programs administered by SBA. Read

Daily use of high-potency cannabis is associated with more positive symptoms in first-episode psychosis patients: the EU-GEI case–control study

3/18/20--Daily use of high-potency cannabis has been reported to carry a high risk for developing a psychotic disorder. However, the evidence is mixed on whether any pattern of cannabis use is associated with a particular symptomatology in first-episode psychosis (FEP) patients. Findings of a conducted study indicates that patients with a history of daily use of high-potency cannabis present with more positive and less negative symptoms, compared with those who never used cannabis or used low-potency types.  Read

Pot stores deemed ‘essential’ businesses in some states during coronavirus lockdown

3/25/20--Marijuana made 'essential" in some states amid COVID-19. Alex Berenson, author of 'Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence.' reacts during a segment on FOX news. Read

Regulating vaping — policies, possibilities, and perils

3/25/20-- Use of e-cigarettes has recently soared, particularly among young people. Federal and state governments have implemented numerous policies to combat the growth of vaping. According to an article by Jody L. Sindelar published in The New England Journal of Medicine, policies should protect young people without diminishing the ability of e-cigarettes to help adult smokers transition away from more harmful combustible cigarettes or to serve as a cessation aid for people attempting to quit smoking. Read

Adolescent treatment admissions for marijuana following recreational legalization in Colorado and Washington

5/1/20--There is concern that recreational marijuana legalization (RML) may lead to increased cannabis use disorder (CUD) among youth due to increased marijuana use. This study investigates whether adolescent substance use disorder treatment admissions for marijuana use increased in Colorado and Washington following RML. Read

COVID-19 a ‘net positive’ for marijuana producer Curaleaf, says analyst

3/25/20--The COVID-19 pandemic has proven a boon to U.S. marijuana producer Curaleaf Holdings Inc. with roughly a 20% boost in sales, as sales jump and many states say that cannabis is an essential service. However, Curaleaf also rescinded its 2020 outlook as a result of the virus, telling investors Tuesday that its stores were closed in Massachusetts for the time being and will likely experience a falloff in sales in Nevada because of decreased tourism. Read

Mapping cannabis potency in medical and recreational programs in the United States

3/26/20--The current lack of knowledge surrounding advertised potencies in the legal cannabis market limits the ability to generate clear policies regarding online advertising to protect patients that are willing to use cannabis for their condition. Mary Catherine Cash, Katharine Cunnane, Chuyin Fan, and E. Alfonso Romero-Sandoval evaluated the advertised THC and CBD content of cannabis products offered online in dispensaries in the United States to determine products’ suitability to medicinal use and compare the strength of products offered in legal medical and recreational programs. Read

The cannabis industry’s struggles could be great news for these companies

3/15/20--Marijuana stocks are plummeting and companies are running low on cash, making consolidation and bankruptcies inevitable in the near future. However, in other parts of the world marijuana companies still have good prospects. Read

Psychiatric symptoms caused by cannabis constituents: a systematic review and meta-analysis

3/17/20--The potential for increased cannabis use highlights the need to better understand its risks, including the acute induction of psychotic and other psychiatric symptoms. This study aimed to investigate the effect of the cannabis constituent Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) alone and in combination with cannabidiol (CBD) compared with placebo on psychiatric symptoms in healthy people. Read

Aurora Cannabis is now a penny stock. Will it recover?

3/12/20--Marijuana stocks have gone through a massive roller-coaster ride over the past couple of years. Now, there's just as much pessimism as there was optimism back then, and even well-established leaders in the cannabis industry have felt the pain. Read