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California Senator explains next steps for psychedelics and broader drug reform after bill stalls

9/9/10--A bill to legalize the possession of psychedelics in California has been put on pause until next year, but the Senate sponsor, Sen. Scott Wiener (D), says the move is part of the “complicated legislative process” to get reform enacted—and he’s confident it will ultimately prevail. Sen. Wiener said that it took significant compromise both internally and externally to get the bill through the Senate and two Assembly committees before he ultimately decided to temporarily pull it last month to build broader support for passage next year. Read

Doctors Warn: Cannabis can cause serious health hazards

8/25/21--IASIC, the International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis, a medical organization of doctors who educate on marijuana based on the scientific and medical literature. has concluded, based on review of the scientific evidence, that public health effects of high potency cannabis are harmful. These growing negative impacts further strain health care and addiction treatment resources to an extent that far surpasses taxation revenues. Read

Association between adolescent cannabis use and young-adult functioning in three longitudinal twin studies

4/6/21--The purpose of the present study was thus to examine associations between prospectively assessed adolescent cannabis use and young-adult outcomes (psychiatric, cognitive, and socioeconomic) in three longitudinal studies of twins (n = 3,762). findings thus suggest that cannabis use in adolescence has potentially causal, deleterious effects on adolescent academic functioning and young-adult socioeconomic outcomes despite little evidence suggesting a strong, causal influence on adult mental health or cognitive ability. Read

More than half of people using cannabis for pain experience multiple withdrawal symptoms

1/8/21--More than half of people who use medical marijuana products to ease pain also experience clusters of multiple withdrawal symptoms when they’re between uses, a new study finds. And about 10% of the patients taking part in the study experienced worsening changes to their sleep, mood, mental state, energy and appetite over the next two years as they continued to use cannabis. Read

American Airlines flight diverted to Denver after unruly passenger reportedly smokes weed on board

9/22/19--An unruly passenger forced an American Airlines flight from Arizona to Minnesota to make an emergency landing on Friday after the suspect allegedly told people he was on cocaine before locking himself in the airplane bathroom and eventually lighting up marijuana in the cabin, according to a report. Nearly an hour into the flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis, the pilot announced that there was "a security issue in the back," which required the flight to be diverted and land in Denver, Colorado. Read

Opioid-affected births to rural residents are increasing in both rural and urban hospitals

10/29/18--The opioid epidemic has had devastating effects on families in rural communities, places where both maternity care and substance use treatment are limited. The characteristics of rural mothers with opioid-affected births are different for those who give birth in rural hospitals and those who give birth in urban hospitals. This finding highlights the distinct clinical and programmatic needs required in each hospital setting to successfully care for rural mothers with opioid use disorder and for rural infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome, no matter where they are born. Read

Action Alerts

10/19/18--Representing nearly 2,000 member-businesses and tens-of-thousands of cannabis professionals, the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is leading the charge to protect legal cannabis businesses, defend state laws, and advance federal policy reforms. Read

Colorado company behind Charlotte’s Web CBD strain generates nearly $100 million through Canadian IPO

9/11/18--Charlotte's Web Holdings Inc. is the latest U.S. marijuana firm to launch an IPO on the Canadian Securities Exchange. The CBD company, known formerly as Stanley Brothers Inc., began trading Aug. 30 at $7. The stock price has nearly doubled in its first two weeks on the market, and the IPO generated more than $93 million. Read

CBD company Charlotte’s Web debuts IPO

9/10/18--Colorado-based cannabidiol company, Charlotte’s Web completed its Initial Public Offering in Canada on August 30, 2018. The company’s shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) under the ticker symbol “CWEB” and debuted at C$7.00 (US $5.40) per share. Read

Jay Williams says 75-80 percent of league players use marijuana

9/16/17--The NBA remains strict against marijuana, but former Chicago Bulls guard Jay Williams thinks the league should start reconsidering their position about the drug, particularly its use for medicinal purposes. After all, Williams claims that about 75 to 80 percent of players in the NBA use marijuana. Read

Congressman proposes budget amendment to protect marijuana research from DOJ

9/1/17--Republican congressman Rep. Matt Gaetz, a freshman lawmaker representing the western panhandle of Florida, has proposed an appropriations amendment to provide safe harbor for medical cannabis research in the majority of U.S. states. If included and passed, it would provide protections for researchers of Schedule I substances in states that have legalized some form of medical cannabis. Read

Marijuana’s legalization fuels black market in other states

7/31/17--Marijuana smugglers are growing and shipping vast quantities of illicit cannabis across the USA. Many are starting in states where growing marijuana is legal, such as Colorado, and sending the drug elsewhere. Legalization advocates have long argued that regulating marijuana forces the industry out of the shadows and into the public eye, where the drug can be taxed and the black market effectively eliminated. But because marijuana remains illegal in so many states, smugglers can take advantage of the patchwork of laws. Read

PNC shutters marijuana group’s Ohio bank account

7/14/17--One of the nation’s largest financial services companies, Pittsburgh-based PNC, recently shut down the account of the Ohio chapter of the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws (NORML), the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. Read

NFLPA composing proposal for ‘less punitive’ approach to marijuana use

1/25/17--Leaders of the NFL Players Association are preparing a proposal that would amend the sport's drug policies to take a "less punitive" approach to dealing with recreational marijuana use by players. The proposal will be presented to the union's board of player representatives. If it is approved by those players, the proposal will be made to the league. Read

Cannabis cocktails? Constellation is mulling it

tmr_image-block11/11/16--Constellation Brands, the company behind Corona beer, Robert Mondavi wine, and Casa Noble Tequila, is considering moving into the market for legal marijuana by selling alcoholic beverages infused with cannabis. But, Constellation noted that a cannabis cocktail isn’t coming to market anytime soon given the uncertainty around the legality of marijuana. Read

4 best marijuana stocks to play the green rush

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-10-40-15-am11/5/16--Zacks Investment Research has selected four cannabis linked stocks that are poised to benefit from the legalization of marijuana. These stocks also boast a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) or 2 (Buy): GW Pharmaceuticals,  The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company,  Pepsico, Inc., and Philip Morris International, Inc.. Read

Damian Marley invests in marijuana futures

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-8-50-28-am10/11/16--Singer Damian Marley, who has opened a massive dispensary in Colorado at Mile High Stadium, is collaborating with Ocean Grown Extracts, and a part of their joint venture is to turn a vacant Coalinga, California prison into a medical marijuana manufacturing plant, which Ocean Grown will use to sell wholesale to dispensaries. Marley’s initial interest was born out of his fondness for Ocean Grown, but the scope and details of the venture came after the two started working together. Read