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Study shows higher rate of stroke among pot smokers

10/19/18--A new study ties marijuana to a raised risk for stroke. The risk for any stroke could increase by 15 percent and it could jump 29 percent for an ischemic stroke -- the most common kind, said lead investigator Dr. Krupa Patel, a research physician at Avalon University School of Medicine in Willemstad, Curacao. In the study, Patel and her colleagues found that among more than 2.3 million American recreational marijuana users who were hospitalized, the risk of stroke rose, compared with people who didn't use the drug. Read

Marijuana farming is harming the environment, study shows

11/1/17--Marijuana farming in remote locations is hurting the environment, new research shows. When researchers analyzed the ecological consequences of marijuana farming in Northern California, they were surprised by the outsized impact of small farms. Read

Marijuana may help ease nerve pain, review finds

8/15/17--Marijuana may be slightly effective at reducing chronic nerve pain known as neuropathy. But there's little evidence on whether or not pot helps treat other types of pain or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a pair of new studies suggests. Read

Cocaine, alcohol, marijuana found in Paris shooting suspect’s blood

3/20/17--Ziyed Ben Balgacem, a suspected Islamist gunman shot to death by police at Paris' Orly Airport, consumed cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol before taking a soldier hostage, toxicology reports show. The report indicated he had twice the legal limit of alcohol for driving in France; trace amounts of cocaine and marijuana were also found, the Paris prosecutor's office said. Read

Germs, mold found in some medical marijuana

2/15/17--Study researchers tested 20 different samples of dried marijuana obtained from Northern California dispensaries and found several potentially dangerous pathogens in the samples. The germs found by the researchers wouldn't harm an average pot user, but could be potentially fatal to people whose immune systems have been suppressed, said lead researcher Dr. George Thompson III. Read

Babies’ marijuana exposure evident in their urine

12/9/16--Babies exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke take in THC, the primary psychoactive chemical in pot, a new study shows. Researchers discovered traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in urine samples from babies and toddlers in Colorado whose parents smoked marijuana. Read

Illegal marijuana operations smoked out by growing 80,000-acre California wildfire

8/29/16--The Monterey County Sheriff's Office has so far seized nearly 20,000 marijuana plants from illegal marijuana operations in the Los Padres National Forest, officials said, after firefighters trying to extinguish flames in the area repeatedly encountered suspicious persons. The blaze has been burning since July 22 and has destroyed more than 80,000 acres in Carmel Valley, Cachagua, and Big Sur. Read