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Smoking on TV: Attorneys general call on Hollywood unions for help kicking the habit

10/5/20--The National Association of Attorneys General is asking several major Hollywood talent unions to help "protect young audiences from tobacco use" by limiting its exposure in streaming shows. Support from the Directors Guild of America, Producers Guild of America, Screenwriters Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees has been requested for this effort. Read

The true cost of cannabis: Why don’t its illnesses, deaths command media headlines?

1/3/20--USA Today health policy writer Jayne O'Donnell started covering vaping lung injuries from high-potency THC in August, then added the link between cannabis and mental illness, as well as marijuana, psychosis, and other mental illness. O'Donnell indicates that this type of coverage presents a pretty solitary place to be. According to former Food and Drug Administration chief Scott Gottlieb, the news media seemed to lose interest once it became clear that the culprit to vaping lung illnesses was THC and not nicotine. Former New York Times business reporter Alex Berenson adds that the human cost of cannabis is too high — and that the press is too pro-pot. Read

‘I’m too high. Something’s wrong.’ Teens caught vaping marijuana in scary new trend

5/3/19--Students are vaping in the presence of teachers, and they typically don’t realize a student has indulged until the teen confesses. There is no telltale odor, and the handheld devices used are small enough that a surreptitious student can indulge in class. Compounding the trouble, experts say, is the potency the devices can deliver, giving a student a much more intense high than expected. Read

Denver says no to ‘magic mushrooms’: Historic vote on psilocybin unlikely to pass

5/8/19--Voters in Denver appeared to have voted down a first-in-the nation plan to decriminalize the use and possession of "magic mushrooms" known for sending users on psychedelic journeys. Unofficial results suggested Measure 301 was on track to fail, with 46.5% in favor and 54.5% opposed. Read

Blue Moon’s founding brewer pops top on pot-infused beer

11/12/18--Keith Villa, who invented Blue Moon Belgian Wheat more than two decades ago, next month will launch the first beer from new venture CERIA Brewing Co. Grainwave Belgian-Style White Ale has no alcohol and includes 5 milligrams of THC, the high-producing ingredient found in marijuana plants. Made with blood orange peel and coriander, the ale "has a richer, deeper orange character and a little different type of bitterness because of the cannabinoids," Villa said. Read

States with legal marijuana see rise in car crashes, studies find

10/19/18--Car crashes were up as much as 6 percent in states where the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized. According to research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute, the frequency of collision claims filed to insurers were higher in four states where marijuana is legal: Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Read

Marijuana caused more damage to teens’ brains than alcohol, study finds

10/6/18--Marijuana use may pose a greater risk to the developing brains of teenagers than alcohol consumption, according to a new study  this week. The analysis, published Wednesday in the American Journal of Psychiatry, found that cannabis had greater short and long-term consequences than alcohol on four key components of teens' memory. The finding greatly surprised researchers. Read

FDA issues warning after synthetic marijuana tainted with rat poison sickens hundreds

7/20/18--Federal health officials are warning the public about a version of synthetic marijuana laced with rat poison that's caused uncontrolled bleeding in hundreds of people and killed several others who have ingested the tainted products. The synthetic cannabinoid, sold under names such as Spice, K2 and AK 47, has hospitalized people in 10 states since early March. Read

Marijuana money increasingly flowing to Republican lawmakers

1/21/18--Marijuana business owners are increasingly pouring their profits into lobbying lawmakers as they face a federal crackdown from the Trump administration. A USA Today survey found hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing from the cannabis industry into campaign finance accounts of both lawmakers and political action committees, with emphasis this year on Congressional Republicans who are trying to stop the Trump administration from targeting marijuana businesses. Read

Smoking marijuana and driving: 33% of teens think it’s legal. Some think it isn’t dangerous

10/12/17--According to a new study, 88% of teens think driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous, while just 68% said driving under the influence of marijuana is dangerous. Equally disturbing, 39% of people in states where marijuana is legal said they feel comfortable getting in the driver’s seat within two hours of smoking or consuming marijuana, according to a study of 600 residents by used car dealer Instamotor. Marijuana can stay in a person's system for days to weeks, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Read

Marijuana devastated Colorado, don’t legalize it nationally

8/7/17--According to USA Today opinion contributor Jeff Hunt, the true impact of marijuana on communities is just starting to be learned. The negative consequences of legalizing recreational marijuana will be felt for generations, and the effects in Colorado neighborhoods, in particular, is not wished upon the nation. Read

Marijuana’s legalization fuels black market in other states

7/31/17--Marijuana smugglers are growing and shipping vast quantities of illicit cannabis across the USA. Many are starting in states where growing marijuana is legal, such as Colorado, and sending the drug elsewhere. Legalization advocates have long argued that regulating marijuana forces the industry out of the shadows and into the public eye, where the drug can be taxed and the black market effectively eliminated. But because marijuana remains illegal in so many states, smugglers can take advantage of the patchwork of laws. Read

Yes, cannabis cigarettes are being sold legally at this supermarket chain

7/14/17--Coop, one of Switzerland’s largest supermarket chains, will launch a new cigarette containing hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) in 700 stores nationwide. But some branches, like the one in Eaux-Vives, are already selling it. Coop is selling these cigarettes “because there is big demand for hemp products,” the company spokeswoman Angela Wimmer said. The chain already carries other cannabis products like ice tea, beer, and sandwich spread. Read

Debate continues over use of cannabis to treat canine health issues

5/20/17--While there’s no scientific evidence that cannabis cures canines or other pets, there are anecdotal reports that ill dogs respond to it in positive ways. However, federal law still holds that marijuana is illegal, classified as a Schedule 1 drug with high abuse potential and no accepted medical use. Despite this, humans are seeking medical marijuana to treat several ailments, and for many dog owners these reasons are enough to try it when their beloved pets face similar problems. Read

NY proposes decriminalizing marijuana

1/12/17--Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making another pitch for the state to decriminalize possession of some marijuana. Cuomo quietly included the proposal in a 380-page State of the State message that he provided late Wednesday to the State Legislature. Read

Steve Kerr admits he’s experimented with marijuana to treat chronic pain

12/3/16--Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said that he doesn't use marijuana because it didn't agree with him, but tried doing so to treat his chronic pain in the past. Kerr believes pro athletes shouldn't be punished for using marijuana to alleviate pain when they're "prescribed Vicodin like it's Vitamin C, like it's no big deal." Read

After Election Day, access to marijuana likely to reach all-time high across nation

10/28/16--California, experts say, will likely play the most significant role in cannabis legalization on Nov. 8. Voters in the most populous state are widely expected to approve the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act,” adding nearly 40 million names to the list of people who live in a state with legal pot. Polls nationally also show growing support for marijuana legalization. New Frontier, which doesn’t take a position on legalization, estimates the legal cannabis market could be worth more than $8 billion extra by 2020 if all the initiatives pass. Read

Spate of drugged driving deaths alarms U.S. regulators

10/27/16--The percentage of traffic deaths in which at least one driver tested positive for drugs has nearly doubled over a decade, order raising alarms as five states are set to vote on legalization of marijuana. Amid a disquieting increase in overall U.S. traffic fatalities, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has tracked an upswing in the percentage of drivers testing positive for illegal drugs and prescription medications. Read

NORML: Marijuana is here to stay

10/23/16--According to Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), despite nearly a century of criminal prohibition, marijuana is here to stay. Armentano believes America’s laws should reflect this reality, and they should regulate the marijuana market accordingly. Read

Inside Barcelona’s private marijuana clubs

9/22/16--Some clubs are cafe-like and cozy, but most are smaller and simpler where folks get their pot privately and safely. To join a club in Barcelona, you have to be personally sponsored by a member. No outsiders are permitted. In almost every case, you would pass by a club’s door and not even notice it. Read

Marijuana just made me want to ‘eat potato chips’

8/27/16--This week in Charles Barkley Says Something Funny, the TNT analyst talks about Dallas Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliot’s purported pre-game visit to a marijuana dispensary in Seattle earlier this week. Read