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The German hemp market – hemp makes a comeback in Germany

2/11/20--While the demand for hemp products has been on the rise in Germany, hemp is still considered a niche product. Licensed German companies are now able to cultivate medicinal cannabis, though the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes remains prohibited in Germany. This report provides an overview of the German hemp market, its opportunities, and the current legal status. Read

USDA Domestic Hemp Production Program

11/6/19--On October, 31, 2019, USDA formally issued an interim final rule establishing the USDA Domestic Hemp Production Program. The following video is a basic overview of the program. Read

Illegal marijuana sites can’t hide from science

7/11/18--Illegal marijuana farms on national forests is a growing problem. Law enforcement agencies have tapped into the Forest Service scientific community to gain insights on how to better counter illegal grow sites on national forests. These sites have devastating impacts on both wildlife and water quality. Read