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Emergency petition asks the Utah Supreme Court to undo the legislature’s medical marijuana bill

12/10/18--A pair of emergency petitions are asking the Utah Supreme Court to grant a referendum on the legislature's replacement bill for Proposition 2, the medical marijuana ballot initiative. The filings by a group called "The People's Right" asks the state's top court to allow a referendum on the legislature's action. It would allow them to go before voters to challenge the vote by lawmakers to swap out Prop. 2. They also seek to overturn the legislature's bill to keep Prop. 2 as the law of the land. Read

Groups sue to block medical marijuana compromise in Utah

12/6/18--A pair of advocacy groups in Utah sued to block a compromise agreement legalizing marijuana for medical use, accusing the Mormon church of unconstitutional domination and interference in a process that led to the gutting of a measure approved by voters. The lawsuit alleges the revised initiative creates overwhelming obstacles for suffering patients who want to obtain the drug. It also asks a judge to set aside the revision passed by lawmakers and keep the original version that won with 53 percent of the vote in November. Read

Utah voters approve medical marijuana

11/7/18--With nearly three-quarters of precincts reporting, Utah's medical marijuana ballot measure was leading by a margin of 53 percent to 47 percent, and NBC News and Salt Lake City's local Fox affiliate both projected that it was approved. Read

Lawmaker will push for vote if Legislature punts on medical marijuana deal

10/5/18--Utah Republican lawmaker Rep. Brad Daw (R-Orem) fully expects the Legislature to approve the new proposed medical marijuana compromise, but if it is not approved Daw, who has sponsored medical marijuana legislation at the Capitol — and who supports the compromise, and opposes Prop 2, says he has backup plans. First, he would run the compromise as a bill in the upcoming 2019 session. Read

Utah’s first set of proposed rules for medicalized marijuana regulates production and distribution of industrial hemp

8/31/18--The first set of draft rules for how the state would govern the cultivation and distribution of medicalized marijuana in Utah for terminally ill patients was inadvertently released Friday, outlining how the state would regulate the production, labeling, and sale of industrial hemp. Read

Saying medical marijuana would do irreparable harm, opponents again try to block initiative from November ballot

6/30/18--Attorneys for Drug Safe Utah filed a motion for an emergency injunction, arguing the court should block Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox from approving the cannabis measure and placing it on the ballot, because the plant is illegal and would cause irreparable harm to the plaintiffs — Drug Safe Utah and three state residents — and all Utahns. The motion came as part of a lawsuit filed against Cox in May, which also seeks to block the initiative from appearing on the November ballot. Read

LDS Church calls for more study of medical marijuana

6/28/17--The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says more research on the benefits and risks of medical marijuana is necessary before it is approved for use by patients. The church believes that passing a ballot initiative in Utah to legalize medical marijuana would put state law at odds with U.S. law. Read

Utah told scientists to study medical marijuana before they would legalize it

6/20/17--Utah lawmakers gave state colleges and other institutions a green light to study the medical impacts of the drug with the hope of having comprehensive data by next year. However, the studies would likely take years, requiring scientists to navigate layers of bureaucracy that can delay and even discourage research. The slowdown is due to marijuana being considered a Schedule I drug by the federal government. Read

Hurdles expected for Utah’s medical marijuana research law

6/14/17--Utah lawmakers balked again this year about passing a broad medical marijuana law. Instead, they gave state colleges and other institutions a green light to study the medical impacts of the drug with the hope of having comprehensive data by next year. However, studies would likely take years, requiring scientists to navigate layers of bureaucracy that can delay and even discourage research. Read

Mother arrested in Utah after daughters eat marijuana cookie

5/30/17--A mother has been arrested in Utah after two of her children shared a cookie laced with marijuana. An ambulance had taken the two girls, ages 3 and 5, to a nearby hospital after they ate the cookie, and they have since been treated and released. Read

Utah GOP rejects medical marijuana resolution

5/20/17--Delegates to the Utah Republican Party state convention rejected a resolution in support of medical marijuana. In a 70% to 29% vote on Saturday, the party delegates voted down the resolution in support of cannabis to treat a number of medical conditions. Read

Advocates respond after Utah sheriff’s office calls medical marijuana a ‘sham’

5/19/17--The Weber County Sheriff's Office is drawing some backlash for its thoughts on medicinal marijuana calling it a farce and a sham. The statement also addresses the department's views on recreational marijuana and how it has contributed to crime in other cities and states. These remarks caught many supporters of medicinal marijuana off-guard. Read

Utah governor signs medical marijuana research bill

3/27/17--Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has signed off on a bill that allows research into the risks and benefits of medical marijuana. The proposal from Republican Rep. Brad Daw of Orem has been endorsed by the Utah Medical Association, which says more study needs to be done on the drug before the state approves its broader use as a medicine. Read

Medical marijuana advocates begin the process to put it on the 2018 ballot in Utah

3/20/17--Advocates for medical cannabis are beginning the process to put a proposed bill on the the 2018 ballot for Utah voters to decide. After a legislative session that saw only a handful of bills pass, patient advocates who want a more robust medical marijuana program plan to begin the process next month for a ballot initiative. Read

The impact marijuana legalization in Nevada will have on Utah

11/10/16--Utah lawmakers said the effects of legalized marijuana in Nevada will trickle into Utah. Legal marijuana will now be closer and more accessible than ever to Salt Lake City, especially if a dispensary pops up in West Wendover. According to Representative Gage Froerer (R- Huntsville), it's not just about people crossing state lines to buy recreational cannabis, it's also the push that will ensue to change laws on a local level. Read

Utah candidate’s wife still faces drug charges after feds decline to pursue

10/12/16--A prosecutor intends to file misdemeanor drug charges against Donna Weinholtz, wife of the Democratic candidate for governor, prostate after federal investigators found about 2 pounds of marijuana at the couple’s home. Weinholtz had used medical marijuana to alleviate arthritis pain. The U.S. attorney’s office didn’t believe federal charges were warranted and forwarded the case to Salt Lake County prosecutors several weeks ago. Read