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Nearly 100 people apply to be on Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board

1/14/21--Nearly 100 people have applied to be one of three representatives on Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board, a powerful entity that will implement rules and regulations and oversee licensing for the state’s nascent adult-use marijuana marketplace. Read

Vermont becomes eleventh state to legalize adult-dose marijuana sales

10/8/20--Republican Governor Phil Scott today announced that he would permit legislation, Senate Bill 54, to become law establishing rules and regulations overseeing the commercial production and retail sale of marijuana to adults. The measure will become law absent the Governor’s signature. Read

Vermont’s new marijuana law lacks pathway for local growers and marginalized groups, opponents say

9/25/20--A coalition of advocacy groups are calling on Gov. Phil Scott to veto a bill passed earlier this week that would establish a retail marijuana market in Vermont. The coalition, which includes the Vermont Growers Association and Justice For All Vermont, say S.54 doesn’t offer a clear path for small businesses, farmers and marginalized communities to get in on the emerging cannabis market. Instead, they say, lawmakers are opting to work initially with out-of-state retailers that operate medical marijuana facilities in Vermont. Read

2020 Party Platform | VT Democratic Party Convention

9/27/2020--As a part of the Democratic Party 2020 Platform as adopted by the Vermont Democratic Party Convention, one of the issues the Vermont Democratic Party is committed is to ensure that cannabis is appropriately regulated and taxed in a manner that rights the historic wrongs of the War on Drugs and that recognizes the disproportionate impact prohibition has had on minority communities. Read

Vermont Agency of Agriculture finalizes hemp rules

5/31/20--The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets has finalized rules for growing hemp for the current growing season. The rules set standards for record-keeping, reporting, testing, and labeling. They also include provisions for disposal of non-compliant crops and products, and inspections and enforcement. Read

CEO of Vermont medical marijuana backer iAnthus Capital resigns amid financial scandal

4/29/20--Hadley Ford, CEO of iAnthus Capital, the company behind one of Vermont's five licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, immediately submitted his resignation after a special investigation uncovered $160,000 in personal loans from a managing member of one of the company's lenders, iAnthus announced on Monday. Read

Vermont’s legal marijuana era dawns

7/1/18--As of today, recreational use of marijuana is legal in Vermont -- within boundaries of some clear and not-so-clear rules. Vermont becomes the ninth state to legalize marijuana and the first state to do so through its state legislature. The law allows adults to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, two mature and four immature plants. Read

Gov. Scott says he will sign marijuana bill

1/11/18--Gov. Phil Scott intends to sign the marijuana legalization bill, he said Thursday at his first news conference since the final version of the bill cleared the House and Senate. H. 511 would remove all state penalties for adults who possess up to one ounce of marijuana and two mature or four immature plants. The bill does not allow any retail sales for the drug or generate new tax revenue. It would take effect July 1. Read

Vermont senate passes bill to legalize marijuana use

1/10/18--Vermont's senate passed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana use, which would make the state the first in the nation to do so through the legislative process rather than a ballot initiative. Republican Gov. Phil Scott is expected to sign the bill, which passed the Democratic-controlled Senate by a voice vote. Read

Police leaders want Legislature to delay vote on legal marijuana

1/9/18--Law enforcement officials in Vermont are urging lawmakers to put the brakes on a fast-moving marijuana legalization bill that is poised for Senate passage this week. The bill, which would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and allow Vermonters to grow up to six plants, is set to go before the Senate on Wednesday, and Republican Gov. Phil Scott has indicated he would sign it into law. Read

State police: Driver in crash that killed 4 had THC in system

11/21/17--According to Vermont State Police, Steven Holmes, 21, of Chatsworth, Georgia, who was the driver involved in a crash resulting in his death and killing three of his passengers, had a high-level of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in his system. Read

Vermont physicians propose go-slow approach on pot legalization

10/16/17--The Vermont Medical Society may soon reaffirm its opposition to legalization. Some physicians, including two specialists at the University of Vermont Medical Center, have proposed adding warning labels to medical marijuana, and aim to restrict its use to conditions for which it has been proven to be safe and effective. According to Dr. David Rettew, a pediatric psychiatrist at the University of Vermont Medical Center, one of the reasons physicians are opposed to legalization is that there isn’t much scientific evidence about what might happen when and if marijuana is legalized. Read

Burlington bakery-bar branches into CBD oil confections

7/18/17--Monarch and the Milkweed is now offering two flavors of truffles containing 20 milligrams of CBD, "Strawberry Blonde," a vanilla/strawberry flavor, and "Andy's Mints," similar to a peppermint patty. Andrew LeStourgeon, the chef-owner of Monarch and the Milkweed, says he plans to add more flavors, and to have three to five available on any given day. Read

VT House Republicans block marijuana legalization bill

6/21/17--House Republicans blocked consideration of the legalization bill Wednesday evening during a special veto session. The bill would have allowed adults to possess 1 ounce or less of marijuana, plus two mature or four immature marijuana plants, beginning in July 2018. The new bill also would have expanded the membership and scope of a study commission that would examine the possibility of a legal marijuana market in Vermont. Read

Vermont’s legal marijuana bill faces final hurdle in Republican governor

5/19/17--Vermont governor Phil Scott has until Wednesday next week to act on bill S. 22 that would make his state the ninth in the nation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. This bill would remove criminal and civil penalties for minor pot possession, allow residents to grow a limited number of marijuana plants, and create a commission tasked with eventually establishing a system for state-regulated sales. It’ll take effect July 2018 unless Governor Scott vetoes it before Wednesday’s end. Read

Vermont makes history with legislative passing of marijuana bill

5/15/17--In a state senate vote of 79 yeas to 66 nays, Vermont became the first state to pass an adult-use legalization bill without a referendum on May 10. S. 22, a bill first introduced by the Senate in January to increase the penalties for possession, sale, and dispensation of fentanyl, was amended by both the House and the Senate in May to include marijuana-related language from previously failed bills H. 170 and H. 167. Read

New York medical cannabis lawsuit, Vermont MMJ expansion & Texas’ preliminary CBD licensees

5/5/17--Marijuana Business Daily presents some of the notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week, including New York medical marijuana dispensaries filing suit to prevent new competitors, Vermont lawmakers approving expanding the state’s MMJ program, and Texas awarding three preliminary licenses for its CBD program. Read

Vermont Senate approves marijuana legalization for adults

4/21/17--Vermont has taken another step toward legalizing marijuana for adults over the age of 21. On Friday, the Senate voted 21-9 in favor of a bill that would legalize marijuana for adults in the state and would create a regulatory agency on the production and sale of the drug. The bill had previously been brought up in 2016, but had failed in the House. Read

Burlington ganjapreneur breaks ground with mobile hemp cart

4/9/17--This week, Jeremy Skillings, who has nearly a decade of professional cannabis experience, plans to open The Ganja Guides cart, the state’s first hemp extract vending cart on Cherry Street in Vermont’s busiest downtown district. He’ll sell hemp extract products from national supplier, Charlotte’s Web, as well as merchandise and artwork, and schedule consultations where he’ll provide education about the potential therapeutic uses of the cannabis plant and it’s many cannabinoids, terpenes, and additional compounds. Read

Vermont House to vote on marijuana bill

3/26/17--House lawmakers in Vermont are expected to vote on a measure to legalize the use and possession of small amounts of marijuana for adults. The bill would make it legal for adults to possess up to one ounce of pot and two plants under the measure, but does not create a regulatory system for selling and taxing pot. Read

Scott administration opposes Vermont marijuana legalization bill

2/9/17--Gov. Phil Scott’s administration came out Thursday firmly against a marijuana legalization bill that has sparked interest in the House. Scott says he'd prefer legislators focus on economic issues. He also said that highway safety and protecting youths remain concerns. Read

Marijuana found in accused driver’s blood

11/4/16--Steven Bourgoin, the wrong-way driver charged with killing five Mad River Valley teens during a fiery crash on Interstate 89 in Williston last month, had strong evidence of marijuana use in his blood system, according to the toxicology report. It is illegal in Vermont for any amount of Delta-9 THC (cannabis) to be in a driver's system. Under Vermont law, drivers are presumed to be under the influence with any measurable amount in their systems. Read

Legislators talk marijuana in preseason hearing

9/12/16-- Vermont’s Joint Justice Oversight Committee sat through testimony about factors playing into the state's recreational marijuana legalization efforts. Back in the spring, the House voted overwhelmingly against the Senate-passed plan to legalize the drug. Some representatives said they felt too rushed to make a decision. Read