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Investigating THC syrup: Cannabis with the consistency of cough medicine

9/24/20--THC syrup, essentially weed in liquid form, has the same thickness and consistency as cough syrup. It's typically made by mixing cannabis concentrate with vegetable glycerine or coconut oil and sugar. The logic is that by putting high levels of THC, the psychoactive chemical in cannabis, into liquid form you will get a faster and longer-lasting high than a conventional edible, partly due to the speed in which it is absorbed into your bloodstream. Read

Companies making CBD gummies, vapes, and lube got millions in bailout loans

5/2/20--The Trump administration has doled out millions in forgivable emergency loans to companies selling CBD gummies, oils and vape cartridges, despite blocking state-legal marijuana dispensaries from accessing those same rescue funds. At least three specialty CBD vendors scored a total of over $4 million in federal loans in April, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings reviewed by VICE News. Read

Big Tobacco claims the government is playing favorites with cannabis companies

10/13/17--Tobacco firms are upset about the way the government is going about the legalization process. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s grand plan to legalize recreational weed, is an angry faction — one that feels the government is playing favorites, granting cannabis companies the kind of leniency this particular industry hasn’t experienced in decades. Read

Yet another study says weed could help solve the opioid crisis

8/21/17--According to a new study conducted by a Canadian researcher at the University of Victoria, “a compelling amount of evidence” indicates that marijuana could be used as an alternative to opioids, creating “significant positive impacts on public health and safety.” The study describes a “substitution effect” in states with medical marijuana, suggesting that people who want to quit using prescription opioids and other powerful pharmaceuticals have already started switching to cannabis. Read

Weed fraud: Are you getting cheated?

6/22/17--Many of the states that have legalized marijuana now require tests for potency and purity to ensure that consumers know exactly what they’re buying when they visit a dispensary. But, the labs that conduct these tests are governed by rules that vary widely from state to state, and there are concerns within the industry that unscrupulous labs are operating without adequate oversight and colluding with growers to falsify results. Read

Colorado’s weed boom will fund schools and fight opioid addiction

5/30/17--Colorado netted more than $105 million from marijuana taxes for the 2016-17 fiscal year, and the state has finalized plans to spend its pot tax windfall on health programs in public schools, housing for at-risk populations, and a new treatment program to combat the opioid crisis. Whether any of this money will actually be spent depends on whether the Department of Justice will continue to allow states to keep weed legal. Read

Medical marijuana benefits for vets are costing Canada a fortune

11/16/16--According to figures provided by Veterans Affairs Canada, the number of retired soldiers obtaining medical marijuana from the government saw a staggering 15-fold increase over just three years, with a corresponding 50-time increase in cost. From just 112 veterans on the plan in 2013, the federal government now covers the medical marijuana prescriptions for 1,762 veterans nation-wide. The cost has gone from $400,000 to $20 million in that time. That’s a jump of 5,000 percent. Read