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Tracking Colorado’s marijuana and hemp bills in 2021

4/26/21--As marijuana continues to be a hot topic of discussion at the Colorado Capitol, Westword provides a a breakdown of the eight marijuana- and hemp-related bills currently up for consideration at the Colorado General Assembly in 2021. Read

Twelve Colorado towns voted on retail marijuana sales and taxes

11/5/20--Twelve towns voted on marijuana sales or tax issues (or both) this week. Unofficial results show that eight communities approved allowing retail pot businesses within their borders, while two towns rejected that possibility, and two more okayed special sales taxes on commercial marijuana transactions. Read

Marijuana industry wants easier pesticide testing for extracted products

8/19/20--A powerful faction of Colorado's cannabis industry is pushing for more tolerant testing requirements for marijuana concentrates. Representatives of marijuana extraction companies, trade organizations and a testing laboratory told MED and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment officials that proposed pesticide testing levels for marijuana concentrates, such as wax, THC oil vaporizer products, bubble hash and live resin don't need to be so strict. Read

Durango dispensary issues recall over pesticide concerns

7/10/20--Kinfolk Farms has issued a recall over concerns regarding banned pesticide use during plant production, according to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division. Two marijuana harvest batches have been recalled after the MED and the Colorado Department of Health and Public Environment determined that growers were using banned pesticides. Read

Unlicensed marijuana delivery’s bold, bizarre existence in Denver

4/29/20--Even if you're not looking for a weed delivery service, it might find you, and dealing with any such businesses is risky, according to Denver Police Department Lieutenant Andrew Howard, who leads the DPD's vice and drug control unit. The risks that a would-be customer faces range from being robbed to getting scammed to breaking the law. Read

Denver auditor explains why he called out city’s marijuana tax use

5/1/20--In 2016, Denver Auditor Timothy O'Brien released a report calling for more transparency and efficiency in how the City of Denver spends cannabis tax revenue. Four years later, O'Brien's is taking the city to task over what the auditor believes are shaky cannabis tax collecting and reporting practices, as well as a lack of discipline over black-market delivery services. Read

Study: Frequent marijuana users make riskier decisions

2/15/20--A study using a card simulation where participants try to earn as much money as possible by choosing from different decks found that participants who used marijuana at least five times a week in the past year were prone to choosing decks with large rewards but larger losses, leading them to have a low net score for the task. Those who reported minimal to no use of marijuana chose decks with small rewards and small losses, but scored a high net score by the end of the task, researchers note. Read

Study: College binge drinking down, pot use up in legalized states

1/19/20--A recently published study shows students are turning to marijuana over alcohol in states where weed is legal. Conducted by Oregon State University, the study concludes that states where marijuana was legalized by 2018, including Colorado, had a rise in occasional and frequent pot use by college students, who were 18 percent more likely to have used marijuana in the past thirty days than in states where marijuana is still illegal. Read

Colorado’s marijuana laws are about to change…big time

5/7/19--Colorado lawmakers have approved changes to measures opening the state to social pot use and commercial marijuana delivery, as well as approving new medical conditions for medical marijuana. Additional changes could come through that address sunsetting laws in the state's medical marijuana program and pot industry. Read

Heroin deaths in Denver up 933 percent in 14 years, Colorado numbers shocking

3/6/18--Statistics from over the past decade-plus, including provisional data for 2016, demonstrate that heroin use in Denver is definitely a reason for worry. According to numbers assembled by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, heroin-related fatalities in Denver have increased a staggering 933 percent since 2002. The rise is nearly as steep on a statewide basis. Read

Colorado universities using IPods to study how cannabis dabs affect driving

12/8/17--In an effort to learn how cannabis use affects driving, Colorado's two major universities are studying the change in a driver's balance, movement ability, and reaction time after consuming pot – but to better mirror consumption trends, the study uses subjects who just smoked something much more potent than the schwag our parents grew up with. Read

What edibles are good for insomnia?

8/22/17--According to Herbert Fuego of Westword, it's difficult to predict desired effects with edibles because most of them aren’t specific to strain or class. Even if the edibles were strain-specific, terpenes, which have been shown to have more influence on how cannabinoids affect your body, are largely lost during certain extraction processes that require high temperatures. Read

NORML promises fight after latest Trump minion hints of marijuana crackdown

6/14/17--The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is sending a clear signal to the administration of President Donald Trump following the latest negative words and deeds aimed at legal marijuana in Colorado and beyond by Justice Department officials Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein. In the words of NORML policy director Justin Strekal, "Should the Department of Justice decide to throw out the Tenth Amendment and respect for states' rights as they govern their own intrastate commerce, they're going to have a fight on their hands." Read

How bizarre pot smell ruling could destroy Colorado’s marijuana industry

6/8/17--A court victory by two Colorado landowners who complained that the smell from a nearby marijuana grow made horse riding on their property less pleasant advances a strategy, based on federal racketeering laws, that anti-marijuana forces hope will help them destroy the marijuana industry in Colorado and throughout the country. This ruling could be game-changing. Read

Ask a Stoner: Should I still get a medical card?

4/11/17--Westword writer Herbert Fuego responds to a reader's question about whether or not it's worth it get a medical marijuana card for chronic pain. Fuego states that a Colorado medical card provides access to stronger products, more attentive service, cheaper prices, and the state sales taxes on medical marijuana are 10 percent lower than they are on the recreational side. Read

DEA approves Syndros, a pharma cannabis solution, for Schedule II status

3/24/17--The Drug Enforcement Administration has awarded a Schedule II classification for the cannabis solution Syndros, an oral remedy containing THC. Syndros is approved to treat nausea and vomiting, which many cancer patients suffer during chemotherapy. Read