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Recreational pot laws may boost traffic deaths, studies say

6/22/20--Laws legalizing recreational marijuana may lead to more traffic deaths, two new studies suggest, although questions remain about how they might influence driving habits. Read

Federal mental health grants canceled because Maine has legal marijuana

5/16/20--Due to Maine allowing the medical use of marijuana by students, the federal government is cutting off $3.3 million in already approved funding to support mental health programs for youngsters. Read

State lawmakers unanimously pass marijuana moratorium

1/26/16--Maine legislators unanimously passed a bill Thursday that puts new regulations on legal pot. It would make it illegal for children to have the drug and illegal to smoke in a car, among other new rules. The governor has 10 days to decide if he's going to sign or veto the law, and he says he may use all 10. Read

Maine legislative leaders agree on deal to delay parts of Maine marijuana law

1/11/17--Lawmakers say they need more time to come up with rules around legal pot, so Maine's senate president and house speaker are looking to delay major provisions of Question 1. Lawmakers expect to have the marijuana rules and regulations in place by February 1, 2018. However, unless both houses pass this as emergency legislation, it will be at least another three months before any marijuana can be sold or taxed in Maine. Read