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Cans suck the THC buzz out of pot drinks. Where does that leave Canopy Growth?

2/13/20--Scientists have determined that liners inside aluminum cans can cause cannabis drinks to lose their potency. By the time a pot drink is put in a can, shipped, stored in a warehouse, displayed in a store, and consumed, the THC buzz may have diminished or disappeared. Canopy Growth has been the most active in the drinks category among Canadian licensed producers with the vast majority packaged in cans. Read

Weekly cannabis stock news: GW Pharmaceuticals blows past estimates

8/12/19--Three noted marijuana stocks unveiled their latest quarterly figures last week -- Cronos Group, hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products specialist CV Sciences (OTC: CVSI), and maker of cannabis-based medicine GW Pharmaceuticals. Of the three, GW Pharmaceuticals had the best quarter by a wide margin. Read

Bernie Sanders just suggested a unique way to legalize marijuana

8/11/19--Nearly all Democratic presidential candidates in the 2020 elections have come out in support of some form of legalization or decriminalization of the marijuana, but perhaps no candidate has been more vocal about this stance than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Sanders has proposed a unique means of bringing the green rush to the United States. As reported by Newsweek, Sanders would use a presidential executive order to make it so. Read

Cannabis experts join True Leaf team for final marijuana licensing review stage

4/24/17--True Leaf Medicine Inc. (True Leaf), a division of True Leaf Medicine International Ltd., has engaged a number of cannabis experts to guide the company through the final stage in Health Canada's review of its application for a license to produce marijuana in Canada. They will be working with True Leaf over the next few weeks to prepare a review package for submission to Health Canada under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) application process. Read

7 marijuana-related bills introduced in US Congress

4/2/17--A total of seven bills that would support the marijuana industry were introduced in Congress last Thursday, three in the Senate and four in the House. The new bills seek similar, but not identical, changes to U.S. laws related to the cannabis industry. Read