Welcome to The Marijuana Report, a marijuana library for families

Why this library is needed
National Families in Action believes you have the right to know what science knows about marijuana, rather than what the marijuana industry wants you to know.

You also have the right to know how the marijuana industry spins the science to make people think pot is harmless. The industry cares about making money. Period.

  • It knows the younger people are when they start using marijuana, the more likely they will become addicted—and lifetime customers. So it targets kids.
  • Like the tobacco industry, some 80% of the marijuana industry’s profits come from heavy or addicted users.

You have the right to know this, so you can protect your children and other members of your family from a drug that can addict and hurt them in several ways.

There’s lots to find in this library
Here’s a brief guide to help you find your way through this library’s pages.

The U.S. page is the homepage.

It begins with a graph showing the current year’s marijuana use among people ages 12 and older by state. Green is above the national average (dotted line); blue is below it.

We briefly summarize stories published by the print, broadcast, and electronic media across the nation. We express no opinion about the scientific accuracy of these stories because we believe it is important to show how today’s media presents the marijuana issue. If you want our interpretation of some of these stories, subscribe to The Marijuana Report e-newsletter (see below).

We file our summaries under six broad categories (scroll down the page to see all):

  • Marijuana and Legalization
  • Marijuana and Health
  • Marijuana and Safety
  • Marijuana and Commerce
  • Marijuana and Culture
  • Marijuana and Enforcement

Navigation boxes
Appearing at the bottom of each category, these boxes help you navigate through all the stories published in that category. Click on the “Greater Than” box [>] to see more stories; the “Less Than” box [<] to scroll back through them to the beginning.

Blue tags
At the end of each summary is the word “Read.” Click on it to access the full text of the story we summarized. (Some stories may no longer be available because their publisher took them down.) Click on your browser’s back button (the arrow pointing to the left) to return to The Marijuana Report website.

After “Read,” other tags appear. Click on any tag to see all stories posted under that tag. Click on your browser’s back button (the arrow pointing to the left) to return to The Marijuana Report website.

Media tag
The last tag tells you the name of the media outlet that published the story we summarized. Click on it to see all stories on the website that were published by that media outlet.

State pages
A pull-down menu in the “News by State or Topic” box allows you to select your state (or any state) for information specific to that state about alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and other topics. You can also select news from countries around the world and about other drugs.

The graph on each state page compares marijuana use in that state with the national average for those ages 12 and older, for those ages 12 to 17, for those ages 18 to 25, and for those ages 26 and older.

Our summaries on a state page are about events related only to that state. They are filed under the same six categories as those on the Home (U.S.) page. All the other navigation features on that page — Navigation Boxes, Read, Tags, and Media Tags – appear on each State Page as well.

Universal pages
Home (U.S.)
To the right of the “News by State” box are links to universal pages. Home will always take you back to the Home (U.S.) page.

The Welcome page explains why families need this library and guides you through its “stacks” (pages).

This page has an infographics index of thumbnails. Click on any thumbnail to access the infographic. Once there, click on the arrow to the right to see each infographic. Click on the arrow to the left to return. Download any infographic by clicking on the PDF title at the bottom or on the infographic itself. National Families in Action grants permission to reproduce any of our infographics.

This page lists more than 1,500 grass roots prevention groups and their contact information by state.

This page takes you to National Families in Action’s Donate page where you can make a contribution to support The Marijuana Report Website, our e-newsletter (see below), and all our other education, prevention, and policy work.

The Marijuana Report e-newsletter
This page displays the current issue of The Marijuana Report, our free, weekly e-newsletter that highlights stories posted to the website each week.

This page enables you to subscribe to The Marijuana Report, our free, weekly e-newsletter.

Past issues
This page displays back issues of The Marijuana Report e-newsletter.

Search tool
Just under The Marijuana Report masthead is a search tool that enables you to search for any item on the website using one or more keywords. For example, searching for “effects” will bring up all the summaries of stories about the effects of marijuana. You can narrow your search by using two keywords, for example, “effects” and “lungs.” Use your browser’s back button (the arrow pointing to the left) to return to The Marijuana Report website.